Zack Arias Flash Photography – 5 Min Portrait

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  1. no disrespect but I can do all this with one light only

  2. I’m JUST seeing this! I love Zack Arias and his story. He’s awesome! You’re awesome Jared for sharing the WEALTH of information with us all. I’ve learned SO much and my photography has greatly improved over the past few months by just applying the advice I’ve gotten on your channel. Thanks again and continued blessings!

  3. 10:15 onward AMAZING

  4. Zack is a master

  5. Zack Arias sounds like Jack Black to me everytime I here him…lol

  6. Love the colour low key shots !!!

  7. Light was turned down :/ I used Fro’s form on his website. Let’s hope he will answer my question. 🙂

  8. GeneEdgarPhotography

    You could also try turning down some of the lights in the room you did your test shots if you didn’t do so already.

  9. GeneEdgarPhotography

    did you try turning down the power on your flash at all? I think he had his set at 1/8 power if i’m not mistaken. Also did you have your ISO set to the lowest setting of your camera?

  10. thought the same, but on flickr it says 1/160 & f/3.2 … :/ my testshots are bright as sh*t

  11. GeneEdgarPhotography

    fast shutter speed and small aperture. it’ll let the smallest amount of light in as possible and only pick up the strobes but not the ambient light.

  12. iFloridaAllStar

    @mariozmis I was wondering the same thing….

  13. Hey guys, I was wondering, what settings did Z use on a shot at 6:37 ?
    Aperture? Shutter speed? ISO? just that 1 flash that he moved in front of you Fro?
    He really is the master of one flash portraits 😉

  14. 9:41 some more awesome shots!!

  15. Those running man shots are dope!

  16. how did he make the background black

  17. Jared this is one of your best, love it

  18. you know I’m beggining to think the f1.8 is an all around better lens than the L. Thanks

  19. Inspiring, great results.

  20. If you look at the link in the description you’ll see that he uses a f1.8

  21. Pretty sure he uses the Canon 1.8, just goes to show the red ring isnt everything!

  22. Zack, what a pro!

  23. This guy is amazing!!! great work

  24. change your aperture setting to f8 or higher

  25. Zack rocks. Period.