Wildlife photographers criticized

In Singapore, animal lovers have started an outrage after seeing photographers inflating live fish in a bid to bait the endangered eagle. The photographers were caught on cameras they were filling the live fish with air and Styrofoam and attract grey-headed fish eagle so that they could take great snaps.

Wildlife photographers criticized

But animal lovers have criticized the callous men for this cruel drill after the video went viral on the internet. The men were shot using a syringe to fill air into a live fish, before they filling its mouth with Styrofoam to make sure that stays on the water surface. Then it was tossed in the park’s water body to offer the snappers a perfect shot. The video immediately got criticisms from all sectors. They said that this is not nature or wildlife photography anymore and the photographers must not be proud of this at all.

These inhumane deeds were caught by Charlie Gordon, an amateur nature photographer and owner of the Manchester restaurant offers website. He shared the video on his Facebook account. These actions not just tortures the fish, but it also risks the lives of the eagles if they eat the Styrofoam – it may trigger a poisonous action.

The story also added that apart from the incredible cruelty of tampering with a live fish’s swim bladder and force-feeding it with polystyrene, there is the most important issue of the critically endangered fish eagles consuming pieces of polystyrene foam when they eat the fish.

In Singapore, the grey-headed fish eagle is a critically endangered species. It just has less than twenty breeding individuals in the wild.


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