White Background: Ep. 127: Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace: Adorama Photography TV

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  1. Nelson Photoflash

    What if u don’t have the Big umbrella only an soft box

  2. Can you show a group shot image taken with the big umbrella only?

  3. Salah Mahmoud

    nice video mark keep it up

  4. The subject can be almost right up against the background. Since the umbrella will eliminate shadows, reduce the distance between subject and background to minimize light fall-off and the background remains white.

  5. That would be correct, either by dialing down the intensity by 1 stop or placing the light twice as far from the subject as the main light.

  6. It would be cool to include a link to model’s portfolio in the description.

  7. Thumbs up for Mark for the Snapfactory shirt!!! 🙂

  8. As Mark says at the beginning, this video was requested by AdoramaTV viewers who wanted to learn this technique. We hope you find our other videos more useful.

  9. As long as the big umbrella stays directly behind you, that should work.

  10. michaelchimera

    Dialing down your aperture also caused the background to go darker.

  11. michaelchimera

    The problem with this video is that you’re using one light on the background where I use two(one on each side). That way you get the same levels on both sides as in your demo it would be brighter on one side and darker on the far side as the light drops off. Best to set the speedlights on their side and use Rogue flashbenders to block light traveling back towards camera position as well as the model. This provides a more dynamic crisp image of the model.

  12. In fact, Mark Wallace did a video a few months back that shows exactly how to do this. Look on YouTube for 2cM96RDzMyM

  13. Personally in the Digital Age, I don’t use my Light Meters anymore…..I just use the image review on the camera back and Histogram, if it’s really critical for shadow detail…I’ll change to Black and White and look at the Histogram or in the Studio I’ll tether the Camera into my Laptop using Lightroom and review it. The more you practice lighting, the faster you’ll get things figured out….. just as fast as the meter and save yourself a LOT of money.

  14. I’m not Mark but I can help, you need to watch some videos here on YT about Light meters, there’s some that DON’T work with Flash at all. Mark has a video or two about using Flash meters at Adorama TV, there’s also many other videos about using and NOT using Flash meters. Sekonic Meters has a Channel here on YT …. and Yes there’s an add on that he has in the meter that triggers the Flash, but you have to have two $150 flash triggers AND the meter add on too so it’s about $400+

  15. Could move the light as well as yourself for different angles on the big umbrella ?

  16. Narendra Sharma

    Hi Mark, Thank you for a great video. If I add a third light on the left (your first setup) I assume I will have to make it one stop lower than main light, to get a nice 3D look and feel. Any suggestions for me then? Thanks again.

  17. how close should the subject be from the background when using the parabolic umbrella?

  18. Hey mark, Great vid! I’ve never used an external meter… and I’m this close to ordering one… but I noticed that you seem to be actuating the flashes and strobes from the meter… do they all do that? Do I have to have an attachment to do that? Are you popin the lights some other way? Sorry to ask such a rookie question, but I don’t want to lay out $500 on a meter without knowing…

  19. I use the westcott and D1 for all my events. It works out great!!!!

  20. Hey, great video, though I’m always wondering how do you manage the skin oil? Make up before the shoot? Or all in post? Thanks

  21. As always: great Video Mark! However, I think the “one stop above key” is highly dependant on using a really white background paper. A more universal approach would be to set your meter to “reflective metering” and then make sure that it’s 2 1/2 stops above “correct exposure” (=18% gray). As you double the ammount of light per stop, the values would add up as follows. E.g. your key light is set correctly @5.6 = 18% incident than f8 = 36% -> f11=72% f11.5= 108%, just above photographic white.

  22. Paulo Brandão

    Great video Mark. Hey people, can any one help me? I´ts posible work with studio flash (ex. elinchrom) and nikon SB900 strobe? Or do i need a pocket wizard or something?
    Thanks in advance.

  23. He was just showing in a pinch how to light with a white background and one light. The light will always be flat. Even if you get some light shadows on the white background it is easy to strip it out in Photoshop. I tend not to like flat light so I will light a white background with two backlights. He is correct to make sure your background is one stop greater than the subject.

  24. Jacob delaRosa

    2:1 Thumbs up if you know what I mean.