What is street photography? Your questions answered

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  1. add $2000+ for a Leica Lens

  2. TheInsomniacWriter

    What is the music in the background? I want it

  3. they’ve not sent a holga to space yet

  4. ROFL in the 0:30 xDDD

  5. DigitalRevTV is literally my favorite show/channel on youtube. It’s sort of become an addiction tbh. The ending is hilarious.

  6. street for idiots with cheap lenses 😀 go home noobs

  7. TheBinarytimecage

    That’s because he talks like Jeremy Clarkson.

  8. Wonderful… except he doesn’t seem to know what Street Photography is! SP in his town, yes. But generally what SP is, no.

  9. I’m impressed. A semi serious video from this show…

  10. thelittleperfections

    so much.

  11. thelittleperfections

    I LOVE LOVE this show…especially Kai…

  12. thelittleperfections

    oh yes!

  13. first video where kai actually tells something about his own emotions and opinions.

  14. Hey there, have you considered “PhotoSFXart” (search on Google for it)? On their website you can watch a great free video demonstrating how you can create impressive pictures. This made it easier for Joe to create pictures that leave you with that jaw-dropping-effect when you take a look at them. It may help you out too…

  15. OeilPhotography

    google it.


  16. Teddy Trozinski

    and thats why we love it

  17. Good video with great points. Im glad you werent so sarcastic in this one. I like your vids!

  18. great job!

  19. why buy a canon? too expensive crap

  20. These Canon cameras are awesome, and you clearly dont get the point.

  21. not if its canon

  22. The best camera, is the one you’re carrying.

  23. Finnur Kári Guðnason

    just get bullyed in a bus 🙂

  24. You would still need a few thousand more dollars to get a decent set of lenses or even only one.

  25. very useful thnx