Weekend Project: Tilt-Shift Photography

Online video Score: 4 / five

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  1. Go KipKay

  2. haaaaaaaaaaaaa so good

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  4. Yeah, ’cause those are dirt cheap. wth

  5. He didn’t ruin the lens or anything.

  6. If you watch kipkays videos, you will soon realize that his life would have no meaning if the world had no hot glue.

  7. Why not just use a lens cap, do the same thing as the body cap, and down glue your fucking lens? Sometimes the obvious is too hard to find for kipkay hah?

  8. Omg u fucked up a lens just for that? Haven’t u heard of photoshop?

  9. OK, there’s no need to shout.

  10. HelloNewYorkCity

    medium format lenses have some more resolution and are going batshit cheap these days (especially manual focus; but tilt shift lenses are always mf no matter what format) so it is really more cost effective to get a medium format lens and just put it on a bellows. of course, if you want wide angle (due to medium format’s constraints) tilt shift lenses, then you have to actually spend $2000 stupid dollars.

  11. can I use hot glue on the sensor too? to give that blurry effect???

  12. Дмитрий Александрович

    OR you can use photoshop

  13. it bonds ridiculously well to the surface of a CD, just saying =)

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  15. yeah, I hate trollers, I may be 13, but I know what a VCR is. memories…… 😉

  16. tutoriales3minutos

    Actually im 32, I was just kidding about VCR, but there is a moron troller on every corner in Youtube Street.

  17. search it up, are you 12?

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  19. What, for $2,000? No thanks.

  20. OR, or you can just buy a tilt/shift lens

  21. First get some worms…

  22. I thought the title was Tilt Shift Pornography lol

  23. Great Video thank you.

    Can you tell me where you found the great image box intro with all the great colors?


  24. Why would you ruin a camera lens by pouring hol glue all over it?

  25. Get a door viewer thing