Weekend Project: Macro Photography on a Budget

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  2. i immidiately thought the thumbnail was a penis…soooooo… i clicked on it and whaddaya know……..its a camera

  3. i ain’t doing that to my camera and lens……….i would sell my house and buy a macro lens

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  5. INeedAnotherBeanie

    or you could buy a cheap macro lens adapter 😐

  6. I’m glad that you found a proper size chair for the end of the video, the one you were using at the beginning was a bit low. 🙂

  7. Quality is really bad…

  8. well photography isnt cheap 🙂

  9. Looks horrible

  10. Oh no!!!And i subd!!lol believe me 10 macro lenses are cheaper than that!!!!

  11. Duh -_-

  12. Alternatively save yourself an enormous amount of effort, keep your lens functionality and get far better quality by purchasing some close up filters for a few dollars on ebay.

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  14. Instead of al this just turn ur kit and make a mount or use the one on he lens and put it on the top of iit. It will wor better and its even easier to make

  15. will this work outdoors?

  16. This is nothing aganist Macro Lenses!!!

  17. caps are no more than £3 lol

  18. Cool, an awesome video! – ‘First cut a hole in your body cap’ – Hmmm… Nah. Stuff that.

  19. just buy a reverse ring. put ur 18-55mm kit lens. does better and clearer photos

  20. If u turn ur lens upside down u will get a top class macro lens. The way u do thi

  21. There is acually another way u can this with top quality. U just need a standar lens and open it up from the mount. There u will find the stabilisator and auto fokis. Take it out with all the cabels. Then u must cut off the filter tread a

  22. The results were not inspiring, you need to stop down and you also need to buy a good macro lens.

  23. “It’s real important” NO, it’s realLY important. However in this case it isn’t.

  24. this can not produce sharp images

  25. Super Dislike!