Wedding Photography – Preparing For Your First Time

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  1. I had my only digital body die on me the night before a shoot. So I always suggest testing you gear and pre setting your cameras iso, white balance, image size, and mode the night before as you pack your gear up, format your cards and charge your batteries. I ended up doing the shoot with medium format film, because it was my only backup, but at least I didn’t find out when I showed up for the shoot and not been prepared for my equipment failure. Even a good point and shoot can save a failure.

  2. I’ve seen prices from $200 – $20,000.

  3. TheHollyAndAbbie

    how much do photographers normally charge for weddings?

  4. Henry Stradford


  5. I have my first wedding coming up in June; I am a beginner in photography and this is my first job. I have only one body so, I will shooting with Sony A57 3.5-5.6/18-55mm and 4.5-5.6/75-300mm lens also have just one speedlite YN560-11 any advice for shooting in the church and what kind of lens should I use.Extra tips will appreciate very much.Thanks for the time you spend in your videos,God bless you and keep you strong and healthy so you keep doing the good art of photography.


  7. Foto Fashion For Street

    Great Video!
    Thank You
    I learn a lot

  8. Joey Albert Filler

    tnx for a lot of tips. (y)

  9. ..Great video! and tips will surely work!
    I wonder how Greg will see my portfolio..

  10. GregoryCazillo

    there is no right answer, all depends what you want to create.

  11. i shoot canon what are the top lenses i will need for weddings

  12. You don’t mention flashes…. and your friend is the person who can tell you what’s your best setup for the role she will assign you

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  14. GregoryCazillo

    All depends what you want to shoot for the lens, I would take the extra body just in case yours goes down.

  15. MikePhoneJunkie

    How do you think the first person who ever shot a wedding learned? Not everyone has the luxury of having everything handed to them or having someone there to hold there hand to do it. I do not recommend people acting like a professional but I started out on my own and I did weddings for free and let people know that I am new and needing experience.

  16. Great, relaxed, and informative info!!

  17. ? whats years go to do with it ? Camera is still a great bit of kit

  18. TheKSProduction

    make more videos. 

  19. :D

  20. GregoryCazillo

    I reread the posts, seems I answered incorrectly. I have not provided my contract but I may in the future.

  21. Received the Ebooks package, however the template that you had indicated that would be included for your standard wedding contract was not included.

  22. Fantastic advice!  Thanks!

  23. GregoryCazillo

    um, top of every page of my website cazillo . com

  24. as a wedding photographer myself… i am just staggered that people want to take up the task of trying to shoot some one’s wedding without any experience and not even knowing the basics and having to resort to asking questions online…. thats just idiotic