Using Continuous Lights Ep 105: Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace: Adorama Photography TV

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  1. danny melgarejo

    ahhhh, thank you!

  2. Because of flash sync speed

  3. Thanks but I already knew that 😀 I have shot even at ISO 128000 and I’m totally fine with it :))))

  4. Hello folks,
    ISO – Your camera, regardless of the one you have, performs better (In terms of noise) at the lower settings. I agree with this, when I shoot at 100, there is less noise in the dark colors. (Though this is easily fixed in camera raw, or light room). And of course this is ideal shooting in a studio. Event shooting is a totally different beast. During live shooting at events you have less control, therefore you have to make the adjustments in camera.I hope this helps. 

  5. danny melgarejo

    I want to start off by saying, your shows are amazing, i have learned so much from you. Thank you.
    I do have one question about this episode I may have missed. Why couldn’t you make the shutter speed faster instead of moving the softbox many feet away to achieve an aperture of 1.2 in the beginning?

  6. Adorama, why have you put this as a new series? It’s so confusing when Mark refers back to previous episodes.

  7. The model is smoking and shes not doing nothing but standing there!!

  8. As always Mark you are the freaking man!!!

  9. It would be nice if Adorama put links to the models websites for booking and credits.

  10. I love mark’s videos!


  12. in most cases, you cannot increase or decrease the modeling light. that’s one. second thing: constant lights produce A LOT of heat and the brighter they are, the hotter they are. so the model will start sweating and that’s not what we want :))))) i don’t know why people are afraid of increasing ISO!!!

  13. Mark – are you sure you’re not Colin Edwards the motorcycle racer in your other job?

  14. she is super cute does she have a modelmayhem mark?

  15. This may seem stupid, but why bump up the ISO if you have those bright lights you can also bump up?

  16. Great video. Yours are always my favourite out of all the Adorama ones done, and I think this is one of your better ones as well. Keep it up.

  17. canon lseriesglass

    i love redheads so damn beautiful..

  18. I would love to have a one-on-one photography lesson/shoot with you and grab a beer after to pick your brain some more! Too bad I’m a two hour flight away.

  19. love the videos and love the bloopers XD

  20. Great video Mark!


  22. Thank you. Great job Mark and Casey!

  23. thanks Mark!
    Thanks for all the info on how you set up the light for different effect…

  24. all i can say is WOW!!!!

  25. Thank you very much.