Ultimate Flash Photography Exposure Tutorial

Online video Score: four / five

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  1. New-bee question – Why would I buy a $100 soft box when I can use a
    shoot-through umbrella for $15? A soft box might control the spill, but if
    I’m shooting outside, who cares?

  2. Barbara Landsberg

    Thanks for all the work behind this one. Appreciated!

  3. A well put together tutorial. Thank you

  4. Hey greg I thought I understood about flash but I guess I don’t I saw you
    were shooting at iso 3200 I thought that high that it would be grainy but
    your photos were not grainy can you please explain

  5. Gregory Cazillo
  6. Rodolfo Arechiga
  7. Sedric Beasley

    Doing the umbrella I assume you were using a bounce instead of shoot thru.
    We’re you?

  8. John Petter Hagen

    Thanks Greg for another great video.Would love to see some videos on
    landscape stuff

  9. How about using a Light Meter!

  10. Hi
    thanks for the tutorial. Still I have one question left: can you really
    freeze action in the foreground lighting the subject with flash and have a
    low shutter speed to have nice ambient light in the background ? The
    setting I have in mind: a dance party, where lighting is usually low and

  11. another great tuto Greg! :)

  12. Francisco Lozano
  13. Thanks Mr. Cazillo, Espectacular tutorial.

  14. Can you go over the sync speed?