Twin brothers at ‘Art is Homeless’ exhibit

Homelessness is a real issue across the world and brothers Alexander Kiener and Christopher Kiener have experienced from a very early age. They were born in New Jersey to parents who came to United States from the other side of the Atlantic. They have seen several stages of homelessness not just in New Jersey but Barbados, New York and South Florida.

Now, they are Coral Reef Senior High students. They are utilizing photography as activism with an event at the Florida International University. The event is called Art is Homeless. It came about to execute a school community service requisite.

They told that they wanted to make a program which would open the ears and eyes of people, to do something which could affect people’s lives. Art is Homeless is aimed to make a long staying impression on community.

Recently, while speaking in an event concert sponsored by Stockport Block Paving, the brothers told that they were passengers in a car and passing under an overpass riddled in graffiti. In the maze of graffiti the words ‘art is homeless’ were pronounced. Alexander and Christopher started to take snaps of homeless people. Later they also started to speak with them.

Alexander told that several people were scared and did not wanted to be talked to or approached. There were some people who were open to speak and share their tales. What moved his brother and him most was that several people shared that they were just happy to see a kind face and not that of someone who would attempt to manipulate them in their present condition.

Their tales were as unique as the faces. There was a Vietnam War veteran from Georgia. He was abandoned by his family after he was diagnosed as mentally ill.


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