Top 5 Best Websites for Selling and Printing Photography

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  1. Do you need a business license???

  2. are work paypal on this pages?


  4. Linda Villegas

    thank you! Scott
    bless day!! great video!

  5. What about the resolution for Fine Art?? Any minimum?

  6. Mohamed Elsayyed

    Most photographers say that FineArtAmerica is the best site to sell your
    prints. But with my recent experience, I noticed that I do not get much
    visitors weekly. I have no idea what the problem is? Maybe I had to add
    more tags? On RedBubble I get so many views weekly, the number which I am
    not even getting at FineArtAmerica during a whole month.

  7. Thank You very much for sharing, I have recently decided to try the
    ‘online’ sales venue.
    This video saved me a lot of research. 

  8. Rockandscroll

    Thanks.. How much are you makin’ ? … how many visitors ?

  9. if you dont mind, i was curious your return from these sites. After costs
    of printing and whatnot. Thanks! 

  10. Well done, Brad. I’m looking to print 100 picture-poem books. Do you know a
    good place? Thank you.

  11. I use Bay photo and I am doing Metal Prints. I just ordered my first one
    the other day 24×30 shot I took in Zion National Park. I cant wait to see

  12. Has anyone discovered how ridiculous this course is? Look for Monetize
    Machine Software. Google search it and stop worrying about how to work from

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  14. Jesse Francis

    Great info Brad! I’ll be checking out your recommendations asap.

  15. Hi mate please can you tell me which & how much mega pixel camera i need to
    use for take photo does nikon 3200 24 mega fine for this work 

  16. Caroline Grace

    Thank you!! Super video, great resources, beautifully explained! I just
    subscribed to your outstanding channel. And last but not least; your
    photographs are outstanding!
    Thanks again,

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  18. bradscottphotography

    Yes that is why I made this video. I wouldn’t talk about websites I have
    not used myself.

  19. José Maldonado

    Thanks for the video and links.

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  21. Thanks for the info! but do You actually can make money in these websites?

  22. bradscottphotography

    They print whatever you upload. So if you upload a photo with a watermark
    that is what the clients will get.

  23. Julie Nielsen

    Thanks for all the info. I’m planning on putting some of my paintings on
    Fine Art America. I have one question. What about copyrights? Do they print
    the copyright on the prints? So far I have never copyrighted any of my
    paintings to sell.

  24. bradscottphotography

    Selling with fineartamerica through facebook was one of them haha. Glad you
    liked the info. Aloha