Timelapse photography tips from start to end

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  1. Do you have already figured out how you can distinguish lazy people everywhere on the internet, when they ask a “question” ? They are so lazy, they dont even mind the “effort” typing a question mark at the end. This always shows me: This person does not want to be helped, he/she is simply in a moment where he/she wants information rather asap without putting a tiny effort in it.

  2. you are great….thanks a lot..

  3. its probably just some 12 yr old who doesnt understand what words are..

  4. Lightroom 3 “Error importing SS 24fps Timelapse.Irtemplate. The preset file was the wrong type of preset.” 🙁 Please Help

  5. angelacheung147

    I fucking hate others swearing

  6. Thanks for the excellent tutorial on timelaspse!

  7. Gavin, you created the best explanation of time lapse I’ve ever seen in one place. Usually, we have to take bits of explanation from different places and put them all together. You made this easy. Thanks, Gavin!

  8. Константин Анамалиев

    He is toolk a lot

  9. /watch?v=r3YEe7t1Cug&list=UUFg­C8I6SSpNSTwLfHlxQXTw&index=1&f­eature=plcp here is my time lapse…..check out…its in the main street of Nicosia, Cyprus..

  10. finally someone witha decent explanation on a windows pc with a program that costs less than 500€ 😀 great video:)

  11. Brilliant! Very helpful. Cheers Mate

  12. Thank you very much!

  13. RedSpectrumPictures

    Fantastic video Gavin! I just subscribed to your channel. I am off to spain tomorrow, hoping to do some time lapse photography with my t3i, I added the magic lantern hack, so it now has built in time lapse mode.

  14. Great tutorial Gavin – and Reedham is a lovely place. Thanks.

  15. passionateaboutpink

    Thanks Gavin!

  16. Well i’m not strong in English very much but i’m really understand this timelapse tutorial! Thanks!


  17. Can you add a sound track to video with Lightroom???

  18. Great tutorial!

  19. davidanthonyprocter

    Brilliant tutorial Gavin. Thank you!

  20. trombonedude2008

    Just spent like 2 HOURS trying to figure out the export feature in Lightroom… No one before mentioned the user template thing… Thank you for being so detailed! Subbing for sure 😀 THANKS!!

  21. engulfaudioable

    What’s the best setting on a t2i using ML to shoot time lapse for a meteor shower on Saturday night?

  22. Awesome video.

  23. hey! can anyone share the pro templates? i don’t want to donate a thing,but want max quality with large res..yay!

  24. RichardMoreno24

    So in timelapse you only have to take a photo of the same object only? Does it have to do anything with panning.