The Art Of Travel Photography

Online video Score: four / five

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  1. Very tasteless choice of background image @33:55 for title “how to
    effectively shoot people” with a shotgun instead of a camera… Only in

  2. Complete workshop that tries to conceptualize Travel #Photography by Lorne
    Resnick (47 minutes long)

  3. @1717jbs Glad we can be of help and thanks for the feedback.

  4. Marlo Williamson

    I’m sure a lot of photography students somewhere out there would’ve learned
    more through this 47 minute video than a course through a full semester.
    highly informative!

  5. This one Video changed the way i look at the Pics. He stunned me when he
    said “Emotion vs Information”…

  6. Thanks!!!

  7. Felipe Lordello

    very nice presentation… cheers from Brazil!

  8. Taking great travel images or casting for a commercial project?

  9. lOVED IT!!!

  10. very informative….thanks

  11. the last 5 minutes were, where i learned the most

  12. Only uses travel photos to make the case for how to be a really excellent
    creator of photographs. Felt like a semester’s worth packed into a tiny box
    decorated with a bow!

  13. Very boring presentation of mediocre photos from great locations…

  14. Sreenivasa Reddy B

    Loved every bit of presentation, too good!. Last minutes slides are too
    powerful, I wish presenter spent at-least a minute talking about each

  15. Very much to the point. I enjoyed watching, thank you.

  16. This is outstanding!