Street Photography – More Than Just A Snapshot

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  1. I was born in suriname 😀

  2. Thanks Len. I very much enjoy your videos and your pictures. The information you give is very valuable and appreciated. Peace and good health to you.

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    @DuggalNYC Thank you so much for watching the B&H Photo YouTube Channel and for your participation. We are very pleased that you derive value from and find our presentations useful and informative.

  4. The guy is great, but I don’t see what’s special about most of his images.

  5. Interesting video… lots of great info. 

  6. LEN LEN :reat seeing you on uTube.ou are the Best !! regards…Sujit

  7. darkroomgallery

    Keep going Len!!!

  8. Len, your a special person. What a joy it would be to meet and talk with you…..Thank so much for a very informative video. B&H Thank you also

  9. Thanks Len for sharing your expertise.

  10. acierman7589261

    thank you so much for sharing your views

  11. Very Like!

  12. Thank you for this! It is very nice to hear the stories behind the photos from experienced street photographers 🙂

  13. Another fantastic video from B&H. I really enjoy watching these, especially the street photography classes. Thank you so much for these videos!

  14. Very, Very special gentlemen. Great story teller. exceptional photographer. Thank you.