Street Photography Do’s and Don’ts

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  1. P mode is for “pussies”.

  2. Woah, good catch!

  3. Francisco Romero

    Dude you should have used mgs (!) sound LOL

  4. Seems like people really don’t mind this as much where you’re at, Kai. When I do this I often have people getting upset when they think I might possibly to taking a photo, and I’m a lot more discrete than you.

  5. Great video! Love it how you actually fit in that box perfectly haha.

  6. These are fine fotos. Bravo!!

  7. i wanna go there an buy some fake shit =D

  8. The lens doesn’t really matter. But if I were suggest one, I would go with a 50mm. I would also bring with you a zoom lens. 😀

  9. Man you’re absolutely right 😀

  10. I just watched the 35mm video. Which one would be best for tights street like situations, like Venice?

  11. does the guy in blue/white steal a small thing at 7:48 ?! =DDD

  12. Yes, it is. :D

  13. is the Tokina a Zoom lens? Sorry for the noobie questions. This stuff is very new to me.

  14. Zoom Lens. if i was shooting the colosseum id pick my 50 and my wide angle(tokina 11-17). Just my 2 cents. Hope that helped.

  15. Hi, This question is for Digitalrev, or anyone else who has experience in photography. I am going to Italy later on this year, Rome, Venice Etc. For Venice streets etc it looks like the 50mm lens will be the most appropriate. But for focal points further away, IE, shooting in the Colosseum, Roman forum etc, what do people suggest?

  16. interesting shot at 10:08 haha

  17. It could be worth mentioning that in some places especially in the UK where you chose to do street photog helps also, for example i live in a small town and you never see people walking about with a camera or taking photos here, however in places such as york people with cameras are the norm so you will be able to blend in much better. location location location!

  18. 3:25 . So much win 😀 .

  19. HELL YA! It’s not the same without them…

  20. ThePhotoXpeditions

    Photography is a passion for many people. Its limits are boundless and it can become your profession if you put your heart and soul into it – thank you for the tips!

  21. To me, Kai, Lok and Alamby is DigitalRevTV.

  22. I wish they never change hosts that will be sad 🙁

  23. Willsterdude3000

    I don’t know why, but there’s something that seems wrong about taking photos of people up close in the street. I know that it’s a public place, therefore the people in the public place know that they are probably going to have their picture taken, it just seems to me like an invasion of their privacy. I don’t think I’d have the confidence to go out on my own and do street photography.

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  25. whoa. that market looked amazing. The iPhone/iPad case stand-thing looked wondrous.