Street Photography Basics

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  1. If it was in a public place, you can do whatever you want with your photos.

  2. i’d call it more,people photography

  3. Asking someone is pointless, and defies the point of street photography. It’s about capturing the moment, and asking someone to take a photo tempts them to pose and it doesn’t have the same emotion or feeling behind it.

  4. but after that you’ve taken the picture don’t you ask if it was ok and ask if it’s ok to publish it on the internet, museums etc?? 🙂

  5. wonderful… very impressive.. very helpful..

  6. There is no big science or secret to street photography, there’s only two things you need to know.

    1 – You can be discreet and secretly shoot people
    2 – You can walk up to people and say, hi, im a street photographer, you have a unique look, can i take a photo of you? I do both..

  7. raspberrypilover

    So you are paid by Topaz to sell their product…and you needed to sound convincing by taking focus off the ‘selling’ and by showing that you do know a thing or two about photography, so you came up with that lame video that gives out street photography tips that almost anyone else will tell you as well?

  8. Enjoyed it.  Very interesting.

  9. dammm, this is boring!

  10. very instructive. Thank you

  11. SuperEvilAkuma222

    Thanks for the tips, hope I overcome the fear.

  12. use full tips!! many thanks!

  13. Hi, do you know “PhotoSFXart” (just search on Google for it …)? On their website you will find a useful free video explaining the way to shoot amazing photos. This made it possible for Matt to take photos which leave you with that jaw-dropping-effect whenever you look at them. I hope it helps you too.

  14. Really good tip. I do this often myself and can’t exaggerate how effective this is.

  15. a camera is for taking photos and street photography offers a lot of opportunities once you can overcome the akwardness as sometimes you feel a little silly walking around with a camera taking photos .So much is happening on the streets though that its worth it if you are into photography.

  16. People percieve a camera focusing in a straight line from the lens. If the camera is slightly off axis it looks like you are shooting something else. This works at wider focal lengths, just point the camera a bit to the left or right of the person.

  17. If you are not intended to use it for commercial purposes, such as advertisement or what not. If it is an art work, you don’t have to worry about the legal stuff. Stop worrying and shoot on!!

  18. @WG02451 im not certain but pretty sure you dont need them in the US as long as where youre photographing is a public space

  19. What about consent forms?  If people plan on selling their photographs, don’t they need the subject to sign a consent/model release form?