Stormy Skies Ep 308: You Keep Shooting with Bryan Peterson: Adorama Photography TV

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  1. At f/22, if your sensor sensitivity is set at 100 or 200 ISO, light levels might be too low to give you a long enough shutter speed to shoot hand held without the risk of camera shake. Which is why, I presume, your photos come out blurry. One way to overcome this is to bump up your ISO to, say, 400 or 800 ISO. The other option is to use a tripod. That way, you can stick with the lower ISO.

  2. 360p da fuk? Are we in Africa?

  3. You must be blind cause I see everything quite well.  I understand that you might want to see this in HD but the point of this video is to learn about photography, not sitting down to popcorn and a movie.

  4. seriouslysiriusable

    You keep flashing!! XD The police didn’t like that… :/

  5. hd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. BWAHAHA “You keep flashing!” Can you say, Freudian Slip?

  7. ThomasAlanCarpenter

    mmm That ass

  8. Mary Anne has a great ass

  9. haha, i thought it was an ostrich too. ROFL

  10. Thanks for the tips, the plants look at bit too fake and bright for me, did you try a set of hdr bracketed exposures, that would be a solution if you don’t have 3 flashes.

  11. LOL, I thought it was an ostrich too.

  12. 360p? This is 2012 no? So why?

  13. Haha, totally looks like an ostrich

  14. Great tip Bryan, thanks for this!

  15. great to see nick nolte working again

  16. Excellent video, I am so lost about how to use flash creatively but these videos help a ton!

  17. Would buy it without a second thought. Only problem is the resolution of Mr. Peterson’s videos. Most proberbly it’ll be released on VHS 🙂

  18. why sooooo bad quality, this is about just nice/good quality, its a video about photography

  19. how do you get your flash to tell you the desired strength by the exposure value the camera measures? And the distance to subject? I have a canon 430exII.

  20. you just keep flashing up great ideas Mr peterson.When will adorama release all your videos on dvd?

  21. MegaheroEntertainmen

    I love Bryan and he sounds like Norm McDonald.

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  23. Another great quick tip. Love
    It. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Thank you for sharing your knowledge of photography. It really is appreciated.