Shooting with Grids: Ep 238: DIgital Photography 1 on 1

Online video Rating: four / five

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  1. Kelsey is awesome! I love the smirk she always has on her face.

  2. eyeofaliphotography

    OMG!! Mark.. thank you SO much! You’re a God send !!!

  3. quicksilver19tv

    HI Mark, can you tell us your exposure on for this image? thanks

  4. SunDevilAngels1

    It makes me sick to see how much Profoto charges for accessories! You can use speedotron accessories, such as 7″ grids in any profoto grid reflector. I own and use Profoto power packs and mono lights but will never pay the outrageous prices for their accessories NO WAY!

  5. Yeah sorry I just finished watching it. Found it right after asking. Thanks though!

  6. Nope, it’s on the AdoramaTV channel: rokEt8dgEik

  7. Sharon…WOW!

  8. Did you guys take down the D4 review?

  9. you are the best Mark

  10. hugbugproductions

    hear hear!

  11. I disagree, check out these comparison shots: tinyurl com / 600Dvs7d for some reason the 7D even seems to be doing a little worse, more color noise, from what I can see.

  12. Excellent job Mark.

  13. Mark, Can you do a video on posing groups of people at weddings or parties. Some photographers have a professional assistant that handle that for them. When your solo, people assume that not only are you a photographer but that you are also a choreographer. They want direction, on how to stand, where there hands should be, etc. I need some tips on how to do this quickly and make it pleasing to the eye. Thanks! BTW keep up the great videos. I’ve learned a ton of information here.

  14. many thanks. by the way what setting did u used for these photos??

  15. Thanks again, Mark. My rogue grids( for flasguns) are doing their job. But my question is: Should i always meter my keylight first and after that my fill lights? Sometimes I do it the other way ( fill light first) . I am just a strobist guy without a lightmeter ( so I have to take some testshots to read out my histogram).

    Grtzzz from the Netherlands.

  16. lauderdaleflorida

    Great vid. Thanks for sharing it.

  17. i love adorama tv because i can learn new stuff and watch hot chicks!!

  18. Mark, I saw your recent interview about your life transition from performing to coding and finally to photography. There you mentioned how you feel being typed as a tutorial guy and would like to branch out more. Well by all means follow your dreams, but please continue these awesome tutorials! Your presentation is crispier than a fuji apple.

  19. tutoriales3minutos

    Que culito tan rico. =)

  20. What i really like is how you show the steps and what each light is doing. Great video as always.

  21. I used the Acute2 pack and D4 heads in this video.

  22. what line of profoto lighting are you using? Also what power pack is that?

  23. You are correct. The sets were also much more elaborate. The light is “inspired by” Hugo.

  24. I want an episode about dog biscuits!