Ramesh Raskar: Imaging at a trillion frames per second

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  1. amazing!!

  2. Thank you,come again. xD

  3. E = Mind totally frickin’ BLOWN

  4. This is the kind of things that make me inlove with science and physics.. Oh and in indian scientists.

  5. Okay… Fringe is not that unrealistic after all.

  6. A drone 40,000ft up hovering over the Playboy Mansion looking around ‘corners’.

    “In other news today US military spending exceeds 5 trillion!”

  7. Oh man you didnt use vray with Irradiance Map and Light Cache xD

  8. I immediately though about looking up skirts

  9. As soon as he said “see round corners” I immediately thought about how th US military is either funding this or wanting to fund it.

    Imagine a drone looking round corners when it is 40,000ft up in the air.

  10. It has good and bad points. It depends on its purpose as with everything in life. I would love to have this technology for medical reasons but obviously not thrilled about a centralized surveillance system utilizing this to spy on regular citizens.

  11. Nope the speed of light is NOT constant. That is why light “Bends” through a prism, it is slowed down as it goes through dense mediums. different wavelengths get slowed differently.
    Try and understand it as light has a maximum speed, that it reaches in a vacuum.
    Speed of light in a vacuum is constant.

  12. We do not have technologies to see through walls, where have you heard that?
    Infrared is invisible to the human eye but is just like a VERY red color, its light, it cant travel through a wall. What you see in movies…that is a lie I am sorry.
    With high energy radiation like x-rays there are possibilities, but the equipment needed is huge and expensive and the cancer risk is just too big

  13. 65616165165165165198

    You act like we don’t have infrared or other technologies to see through walls.

  14. Can wait to watch you in the shower.

  15. So cool. and for the seeing around the corner application, could you build the camera to have a really wide reflective lens hood (metaphor) to ‘catch’ more of the light being bounced back and therefore giving you more data to build a more accurate hidden image? 

  16. Every technical innovation is the same. Some will use it for good. Most will use it for evil

  17. I thought the speed of light was a constant, not being effected by any forces. The only change being of wave length and amplitude. (Note that I don’t limit “light” to be visible light.) am I wrong there? Did science have a break-through that I’m unaware of?
    Still… your comment is correct. One light-year is a unit of distance, not time.

  18. Did anybody realize what he said about this technology..it will create cameras that can look around corners..out of line of sight and even through a person..talk about more and more invasive technology..is this what we really want or need?this will be used against us more than for us..impressive and frightening.

  19. May sound weird, but I dabble in CG a little. This kind of information could simplify ray-tracing simulations greatly. If this raw data could be converted to a usable format in a CG suite, the calculations might be much less, much faster, and create much better detail from 3D space. Or it might take a year to render one frame. Not sure.

  20. u think this project is already finished? u sound too fruity to be here.

  21. And he said they open sourced it.

  22. Wow…

  23. Ummm I wasn’t making fun of Indians or their clothes. I was calling the person before me an asswipe because he was making fun of the speaker. And where did yu get the idea I was making fun of Indians’ clothes?

  24. Funded by the military, I’m going to guess. There would be many military applications for this.

  25. Great thumbs up dude, ok u forget I wrote in response to some one who was bashing Science and thumping the Bible