Photography Tips, Essential Skills, Quickly Transform Your Photos, by Karl Taylor

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  1. Very helpful, thanks!

  2. thanks KARL!

  3. ThePhotoXpeditions

    Photography is a passion for many people. Its limits are boundless and it can become your profession if you put your heart and soul into it – thank you for the tips Karl!

  4. Karl, really great information clearly laid out! I was wondering, what portrait lens were you using here? (85mm?) I’m also a bit curious about the lens shade/hood that was on the lens. Did that come with the lens or was it an after market? Also, do you ever use a macro lens portrait work to get good selective DOF?

  5. Well explained 🙂

  6. good shit.

  7. SophterLight Photography

    Great descriptions of light types.

  8. Well Done Dude…keep these coming ! Bravo !

  9. PrimedProductions

    Hey guys if u have some free time could you check out my photography compilation? I think I have some great pictures but I don’t have any good criticism. Its called 60D Photography Compilation. Thanks!

  10. porschepanamera92

    me too! :D

  11. 1Ds Mark III

  12. Photography Tips they never die…. 🙂

  13. steve irwin of photography!

  14. which camera did u use?

  15. You’re like a Steve Irwin photography style lol.

  16. gr8 , useful tips 🙂

  17. Looks like a canon 50mm f1.2 but you can do the same thing with the 50mm f.8.
    And yes, it will work on the T2i.

  18. i love his accent, lol

  19. Thank you for this great video

  20. you are da boss…..

  21. what is that tripod man its must be crazy heavy 🙂 lens 14-24 nikon and filter is Lee filter good job boss

  22. Cheers mate I’m 14 wondering what tripod your using there?

  23. thanks for this, im in year 9 and ive chose photography for a gcse. over the summer holidays i gotta take 24 pictures of landscape, still life, portraits, moving objects and archetecture.
    thanks again

  24. Karl your awesome 🙂

  25. What lens was he using for the indoor pictures??
    And will it work on a Canon T2i