Photography Exhibition at Moscow Shuts Down After Being Tagged as Pornographic Exhibition

Recently a photography exhibition has been untimely closed down due to the protest by a group of conservative activists in Moscow.

According to the protestors, the photographs exhibited in the events had some explicit images related to child pornography.

According to Mr. Anton Tsvetkov, Officers of Russia’s leader and also one ofRussia’s Public Chamber’s active member, the photography exhibition authority has come to the agreement to close the event as the conservative activists had stopped the exhibition on 25th September.

The exhibition originally opened for public on 8th September at the location named as Lumiere Brothers Photography center and exhibited the pictures taken by Jock Sturges, who happens to be a US photographer. Mr. Sturges has also had a history of controversies related to his work, and this time the main allegation against him is that his works displayed some improper photos of a few adolescents.

Mr. Sturges’ works are so controversial that FBI once raided his studio in 1990. However, afterward, the allegations were all called off by the grand jury.

Yelena Mizulina, a member of the Russian Federation Council, demanded on 24th September that the exhibition needs to be shut down  as it contains child pornographic matters. She has also asked for a proper investigation of the case and requested to the prosecutor general on this matter.

Also, Anna Kuznetsova, known as an ombudswoman who works forchildren rights, was also in support for investigating the entire case against the authority of the exhibitions.


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