Outdoor Speedlight Portraits: Ep. 201: Digital Photography 1 on 1

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  1. Victor Gonçalves

    I’m so canon.

  2. As other people asked, why your ISO is so high. 100 is plenty and gives better quality image.Can you please explain that? Thanks

  3. oaklandtobangkok

    Jade is a keeper.

  4. and thanks now i know a simple thing to do with my sb910

  5. jade is really fit.

  6. Love your videos !!! Keep them coming!!!

  7. WTF 800 and 2000 !!!!!!

  8. It’s funny how many who criticize Mark found their criticisms on fanboyism and readily call him an idiot. I am very eager to see their masterpieces if they are indeed of” rockstar” quality.

  9. @barrybuttery he needed to demo how to control shutter speed. It would have been limiting to do that with ISO100.

  10. Yes, that is true!

  11. Had to watch this video twice as first time I kept staring at her boobs!

  12. Nikon invented the flash c.l.s system, so what makes you think it doesn’t have separate flash/exposure compensation. learn your facts befor you go broadcasting false information. All of my Nikons does what your canons do. …only better.

  13. her face’s shadow was dark… he is after shutter speed?… ISO100? rofl i don’t think so… you would have a shutter speed between 20-30

  14. Why one earth would you shoot at 800iso in this light? You could shoot at 100iso no problems.

  15. ResponsibleGunOwner

    You’re right. Canon doesn’t. What he said was the Canon exposure compensation is independent of the flash, where the Nikon’s exposure compensation modifies both the ambient light and flash exposure.

  16. rockstarphotographer

    I don’t give a crap what he uses either but if one starts spreading incorrect information, *that* is really uncool. New photographers may make purchasing decisions based on incorrect information (i.e. lies) propagated through these videos and waste their hard-earned money. *THAT* is the real problem I have here.

  17. The point was that the two exposures are connected in the other brands. The sponsor here is Adorama, where you can buy Canon, Nikon, Sony etc.
    I use Nikon, but I don’t give a crap if Mark uses more Canon in these tutorials. Calling names is really uncool, when you have so many hours of well explained topics for free.

  18. rockstarphotographer

    This guy is an idiot. Exposure or flash compensation isn’t exclusive to Canon, you can find it on almost any major brand, DSLR or point-and-shoot. At least now we know which camera manufacturer was sponsoring this episode.

  19. Thanks for your videos. They are very helpful. One thing I am confused about is; in the video you were shooting at shutter speeds as high as 1/3200 successfully without hypersync. How, and why do I need pocketwizards for hypersync if I can shout with flash at such high shutter speeds without it? Thanks

  20. Mark quick question: for nikons, if I m shooting in AP, and I dial the ev on camera down by -2 and bring the flash up by +2, will get get the same results? Perfect exposure on the subject, but background is 2 stops darker? Thanks

  21. yeah, AV priority and AEC/FEC works really well once you get used to them, but you should’ve pointed out that nothing prevents you from resorting to Manual mode as you’ve shown for Nikon users.
    @iland1973: i assume he’s using high ISO because features like High speed sync and FP are real power drains, so maybe he didn’t want to stress his flash too much (higher ISO, less power required to light up your subject); my 2 cents.
    nice video tho, i’m enjoying them all 🙂

  22. I prefer natural light.

  23. alwaysallblacks

    You’re so good at what you do! Tutorials and being a photographer !! 😀

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  25. Those boobs are fake but still i prefer to have them.