Orbs – Light Painting Photography Tutorial

Movie Score: 4 / five

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  1. How long can the d300s take/ wich was your longest eposure?

  2. u masked ur self 9 times :)

  3. hey thanks and thumbs up , i have a question , in the picture that you froze yourself what is those red lines , something like a glowing pen ?

  4. Awesome tutorials!! loved all of them…keep uploading more

  5. Could you also used coloured LEDs instead of the gels? im assuming yes.

  6. xWhatTheWafflex

    you look like shaggy

  7. what ISO, exposure and F stop do you recommend to get the background in the image aswell???

  8. Its just me or he looks like amazing spiderman actor

  9. a bow? with christmas lights on the edge and spun around?

  10. Hey thanks! I can’t remember what I used, but I would recommend using an external flash if possible. You can have your camera trigger the flash right after the exposure starts taking place, right before the exposure ends, or you can trigger the flash manually at any point during the exposure by using a remote or friend- it doesn’t matter which method.

  11. Hey
    Thank you for the amazing video I have always wondered how to get that shape! I have been experimenting for the last few days 🙂
    I Know how to do the sphere but I still haven’t figured out how to freeze myself in the image.
    my question is, do use an external flash? or just the one on the camera?
    If you use the one on the camera, I am assuming you use a “Second Curtain flash” which I don’t I don’t have and the closest thing is to set on rare.
    So any tips for me? 🙂

  12. Hey thanks! I used a Nikon D300s to take the shots – it doesn’t matter what brand of cam you get though

  13. Hi, Love the light effects, can I ask what kind of camera you used? the picture quality is so good. are you a nikon or canon user?

  14. would a flashlight with the cap thingy off (so you get the bare bulb) tied to a string work? or is it too strong?

  15. I’m not illuminated in the dark and I am constantly in motion – the same rule applies to long exposures of traffic at night. You can see the light trails, but you can’t see the car bodies themselves.

  16. thanks for the turorial. May i ask; do you remove your self from the orb by photoshop?

  17. How do you not get yourself in the picture? Or do you just use photoshop to take yourself out of the photo?

  18. as for the steel wool and this light orb how do you keep your body out of the shot?

  19. LimitlessFilm Pro

    because humans dont produce light. so he was not recorded.

  20. Was in a bit of a mood actually, was 110 degrees. The guy does make great tutorials, he has a really good ebook on light painting and trick photograpy. This stuff is subjective so moron comment was uncalled for. Was being serious when I said I’d love to see your stuff if it is tighter though.

  21. Just trying to help, no need to get moody, I watch because I like to see peoples techniques. Like I said, this is a fantastic tutorial. Anyways, “Orbmaster” I like the sounds of that… =)

  22. i just died for your hair 🙂

  23. If you make better orbs why ya watchin tutorials go make your own perfect ones orbmaster. If you’ve got a better page then Photo Extremist I’d sure love to see it. Moron.

  24. Go make your own perfect orbs then, why ya watchin tutorials orbmaster. If you’ve got a better light painting page then Photo Extremist I’d surely love to see it.

  25. Great stuff, amazingly creative. Your ebook rocks as well by the way.