No Shows? No Problem! Ep 309: You Keep Shooting with Bryan Peterson: Adorama Photography TV

Video clip Score: 4 / five

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  1. Franklin123455678

    Bryan you look marvelous in HD

  2. Wonderful episode Bryan! Thank you!

  3. Finally!!!

  4. Nice one Bryan…….as usual

  5. I concur completely…people seem to miss the fact that its a FREE tutorial.

  6. Nice tip

  7. Lol at people being glad of the “HD” quality.
    This video was obviously recorded in SD and then upscaled to HD, it still looks blurry and heavily compressed.
    I honestly don’t care since I’m here for the tips and tutorials and couldn’t care less about the video quality, it’s just funny how ignorant most people asking for HD are.

  8. For a moment there I thought Bryan was going to jump right into the water. And, yes, finally HD!

  9. Heinz Ter Voert

    30 sec intro and over a minute Adorama promo at the end. no wonder he has to talk so fast.. would be nicer to have him spend more time

  10. HD! Thanks for listening, Adorama.

  11. Bryan P never disappoints…..

  12. Great video Brian.

    You are the most creative photographer that I know of. You really know how to roll with the punches and still create an amazing image.

    Thank you for all of the inpiration.

  13. crownphotography1

    Thanks Bryan! Wish you’d come to NC for a workshop!

  14. altitudealchemy

    I really admire Bryan’s enthusiasm! Great video!

  15. He’s mental. Lovely, but mental….. : )

  16. I was kinda scared that he’d accidentally jump into the water…

  17. typical models! ROFL

  18. hd video yeah ..

  19. Nope, Hoya filters are middle-grade awesomeness at a decent price. If you want to spend millions, look at Lee filters. I’ve used both and can’t really tell the difference. 🙂

  20. Listen to what he said, stupid. You cannot produce a result that’s nearly as good by faking it in Lightroom or Photoshop. Getting it mostly right in camera is more important than “fixing it” after the fact.

  21. OH YEA!!!!! HD!

  22. Why do you need a filter when you have Lightroom? 🙂

  23. Omg hd omg hd camera omg bryan got an hd camera now we can watch and lear! lol Bryan I always loved your videos and books from the beginning! Learning is learning and its all been great! Thanks Adorama!

  24. 2:26 Helge Schneider

  25. Thanks for the HD video!