Nikon D800: Product Review: Adorama Photography TV

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  1. 0:57 lots of little specks on this photo need to clean the sensor… hope it doesn’t have the same issue the d7000 sometimes have

  2. Nikon doesn’t have any line of 1.2 lenses which I use constantly. Like the 50 1.2L or the 85 1.2L.
    Canon has a 16-35 f2.8. Much faster than Nikon’s version at a constant f4.
    If you really want a 14mm focal length, Canon also has a 14mm prime.
    I’m just sayin’ here but Canon has the fastest lenses on the market and that’s what I’m looking for.
    However Nikon may be cheaper. I haven’t looked at the prices really.

  3. It’s also in the D800…

  4. Only 1 out of 500 is recalled, I have all my 3 batteries without the fault.

  5. LOL, you don’t know what a low pass filter is? Every dslr has a OLPF to make sure there is no moiré in the image, removing this (E version) gives more detail but a possibility of moiré in the image. But this is only on 1/1000 photo’s, and a different angle Always gets rid of it.

  6. Seriously? Canon’s lenses are of the same quality as Nikon’s, some are crap like some macro’s and the 24-105. They just have much cheaper tele lenses. And I don’t see any 14-24 from Canon. And this is the sharpest nikon zoom lens.

  7. where is mark wallace?

  8. No because more pixels squeezed into the sensor means more image noise.  The D700 should be the better performer but it is not. They are about equal which is incredible, considering the amount of pixels. 🙂

  9. RichHarringtonATV

    @dswatson83 Umm. I like the camera. Told you what I liked and showed you examples. Used it for a month. Feel I was being honest. I like the camera.

  10. Is it pronounced Neekon or Naykon? I heard Japanese people call them Neekon.

  11. Not a good review. This was running down a feature list and a personal likes list. Didn’t give an honest opinion of anything.

  12. This is not a review, it’s him kissing nikons ass, in hope to get some stuff for free! Reviews have good and bad things ! There is no perfect!camera yet no matter if it’s canon 5 d3 or Nikon they all have downsides, nice try though Adroma to boost ur sales!!!

  13. RichHarringtonATV

    @schulze420 Yes. Total manua control

  14. Can you disable Audio Gain/?

  15. 0:58 Dusty sensor

  16. Henrik Pettersson

    This is no review. A review includes good and bad things aswell as some reasoning between. I´ve got a D800 and it´s a great piece of hardware. But is it perfect? Nope. It got some flaws like everything else.

  17. The only people who thought the D800 would have bad high ISO performance are the people who don’t no anything about sensors except of the BS they read on the DPR forums.

  18. I agree. This is more like an infomercial than a review.

  19. @IsmaelMartinezPR Biased much?

  20. On my Canon 550D I can change the frame rate and stuff too.. 😉

  21. RichHarringtonATV

    @SuperKwick That is a nice step up.

  22. RichHarringtonATV

    @niftyfiftyphoto lol

  23. RichHarringtonATV

    @kain55666 Jerusalem. Old city.

  24. i would take the D800 if it wasn’t so slow for sports photography… so i have to get the D4…