Macro Photography Techniques – Digital Photography 1 on 1 (#31) Video

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  1. What is the name of this triepot??? I realy want this

  2. Ohhhh… The lovely red ring on the lens… Only if I could afford it easily…

  3. Cheaper macro, use extension tubes. Also, if you buy shutter release 3rd party, you can get them under $10…

  4. I got better results from a 50mm 1.8g that I held backwards on my camera and also held open the aperture dial.

  5. bitcrushnpranksta

    you dont need a tripod to shoot macro.

  6. Thx 😉 (Sorry, was in a really bad mood that day)

  7. Then you should see how Thomas Shahan gets his macro shots. They’re extreme and done with equipment everyone can afford.

  8. TZoltanPhotography

    What brand tripod and head is this? Manfrotto?

  9. Get yourself some cheap extension tubes (about $80) and stick them on behind what ever lens you already have. Thats all you need to get started. The extension tubes will allow your current lens to focus on an object/bug about 2″ from the front of the lens which can have great results.

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  11. MortisNuntius91

    look at getting some macro extension tubes, fairly inexpensive and perfect if you dont have a dedicated macro lens

  12. Dude, we’re not all rich…..plz do a macro photography on a budget vid

  13. you call them pictures macro wow they are shit well it is a cannon

  14. NIce breakdown and explanation… Cheers ~ and Thanks!

  15. Good ideas for basic needs. Agree extender rings can be useful.

  16. chocomaniamusic

    very helpfull thanks

  17. what kind of sticks are those ?

  18. thank you!I’ll try this during the holiday as I have coming up test I need to do before the holiday starts!

  19. nice video, what is cheap lens for macro photography

  20. Why were your photos crap? Were they out of focus or underexposed? Maybe instead of blaming Mark you should examine your technique and learn how to use your camera. If you don’t understand exposure you will be in for more disappointments than successes.

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  22. This guy really says really a lot. I mean really!

  23. @nazaretd For macro photography or photography in general, u need to know about the 3 categories which will help u. 1.Aperture 2.Shutter speed and 3.ISO
    If you familiarize yourself on that categories, you will be more excite for taking pictures.
    Lastly, you need to know Depth Of Field.

  24. A good alternative to buying a very expensive macro lens are extension tubes, that can be bought for $10.