Light Modifiers: Ep 240: Digital Photography 1 on 1: Adorama Photography TV

Video Score: four / five

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  1. really nice quality photos. you can see the contacts on her eyes

  2. I like looking really closely at catchlights in movie posters, that must mean i’m a pro too :p

  3. Has anyone over here noticed ‘behind the scenes’ part of each videos? Yes there are some deleted scenes which is funny at the very end part of most of the videos.

  4. I tend to look at the catchlights myself. I was in a baby store a couple of weeks ago to get a seat for the car. Behind the tills was a huge image of a baby. There was a lovely catchlight, but also a silhouette of the photographer within the catchlight.

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  6. just a comment to say i’ve watched your vids start to finish and can’t begin to explain how much they have helped me. I’ve never seen such an accessible, non-pretentious and fun approach to teaching this subject. Free resources like this (although there are few of such quality) represent everything that is great about the internet. Well done Mark and co, you guys should really be proud of your work. Thanks again and keep them coming! 🙂

  7. DisneyByTheNumbers

    where did this show go too? It seemed to have disappeared !!!

  8. so great!!!!!!!!!

  9. Six weeks and counting. Where did you go Mark?

  10. sharon has contact lenses

  11. Absolutely great vid.  So much useful information!

  12. iLike how he says “Shed some Light” so much how it pertains to the subject

  13. he is having a tour this is why cannot make new videos

  14. Hope you are doing well heard about the sickness on twitter! get better and we miss ya?

  15. y u no upload video this week

  16. Mark,

    I have a question please:

    What is the “Basic” difference between “PocketWizard” and the Nikon Wireless Speedlight Commander SU-800 and which one would you recommend for use with Nikon and Why?

    I hope you are kind enough to give me your opinion.



  17. no, Mark is having tour and he was in Seattle for a few days having an online workshop at creativelive and he will be travelling so they cannot come up with new videos for a while.

  18. Its been 3 weeks of no new episodes for digital photography 1 on 1. Is this the last? Bo goodbyes? Anyway your vids are the best in youtube Mark. Thank you

  19. d3/s/4, 24-70

  20. Get well soon!! great vidz as always!

  21. I have found some of your videos are not working do you have a another link that I can download , they are working?

  22. why no video this week?

  23. why no video this week?