Lensbaby: Product Review: Adorama Photography TV

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  1. Lensbaby always gives crappy blurry images even if you know how to focus manually. Its just a toy.

  2. “I can take out the lens cap” GREAT!

  3. good point, but if you can afford Hasselblad eqp, then this doesn’t apply to you then. Us mortals have to settle for Nikon and/or Canon.

  4. That’s the impression I got.

  5. In the 80’s I used to do this with my 4×5 camera tilt shift and I would sometimes add a bit of vasoline or saran wrap on the lens to help create this effect or I would use small pieces of clear beveled glass from a stain glass shop. I would use a Polaroid back to check the effect before I would put in the film. I personally believe this is a fad that comes and goes. The Lens Baby is a lot easier way of doing the effect.

  6. This guy???? Lol hes one of the best instructors around. Hes amazing on kelby training and took many of his classes! Great job Rich keep it up!

  7. well, thats your opinion.

  8. I like your product reviews. Very informative as usual. .

  9. thanks

  10. I have seen quite a few images taken with lens baby and even the spot that is supposed to be in focus was always not sharp.

  11. I also usually focus manually with my Hasselblad. So, dont think you are the only one on this world who knows how to focus manually. Even with my new Nikon D800 I focus manually half of the time. I am asking myself: Why would someone buy an expensive piece of camera which gives a lot of detail if he later wants to take picture with a garbage lens.

  12. This guy is terrible in front of a camera.

  13. well said. Manual focusing is a skill any and every REAL photographer should posses. I direct my comment specifically at manual focusing as that seems to be the #1 complaint.

  14. a lot of pros buy them, myself included. check out the lensbaby site for pro images and tips.

  15. Try the double glass optic, great sharp images.

  16. It’s not about complicating, it’s all about the level of a skill a REAL photographer has.

  17. If the LensBaby is not providing SHARP images, then YOU’RE not focusing correctly, I love my composer Pro, a lot of bang for little buck!

  18. My sentiments exactly. I learned on a Nikon FG 35mm film camera and its about skill. Too many Digital Era photographers complain about manual lens or trash them because they don’t have AF. If you’re reading this and don’t agree then you are indeed a fauxtographer as MikeUpton has stated. when doing film I HAD to get all I could in camera and that’s the way it should be, PERIOD! Well said Mike!

  19. This is a manual lens, understanding and knowing how to manually focus is key as a photographer, I learned on a Nikon FG 35mm film camera so I am used to manual focusing. I find that the Composer Pro double glass optic I bought gets me VERY sharp images. Photoshop like the camera is a tool. a good photographer knows his/her tools, however tools DO NOT substitute for skill. Try learning to manually focus and you’ll love this kit. check out the lensbaby site for pro images with Composer Pro.

  20. If you think a photoshop effect is of higher quality than a 100% real optical effect, then you have poor taste in editing.. Get it right in camera first.

  21. Photoshop do a bether job… and cheaper

  22. Ughh. Where is Mark?


  24. Thank you for responding to my feedback (although it seems to have been removed). I think YangShengji hit the nail on the head, besides very brief statement of “I like it and been using it,” there wasn’t too much in terms of review. I would love to hear your positive reviews in more details – that’s actually why I clicked on the video. Unfortunately I was presented with a product demo video that does not offer much opinion or additional insights compare to a product video. Hope this helps.