Karl Taylor reviews the Top 25 for “Motion” photography Competition

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Karl, I have to say that watching you always gets me excited about photography. Thanks for keeping my interest strong despite being busy with work and family life. Now I have to go outside and take some pics. Thanks again!

  2. I learn a lot from your work. Thank you very much

  3. Nice video. A tip for you guys: Don’t talk at the same time! 🙂

  4. panasonicdmctz7

    Fantastic fantastic channel – love these little chats. It’s good to get an insight into the thoughts of professional photographers. Great presenters – great critiques, very charismatic.

  5. i really need to purchase some of your dvds, i can listen to you talk about photography all day.

  6. love u karl, regards from egypt <3

  7. I didn’t know BJ Penn was doing YouTube videos. Quite a accent he picked up, by the way… 😉

  8. Some amazing shots there all of them are awesome!!

  9. I love all your videos and tips! Amazing! 😀

  10. I love this, please keep them coming

  11. Lots great shots!! Wish I entered…

  12. 06:45 covered advertising? 😉

    Thank you for your reviews! It also helps me, to improve my photography skills. After all these videos, I know much better what i need to do and for what i have to look until i push the trigger!

  13. JanErikEdvartsen

    Top class images. I’m a sucker for b+w images, particularly abstract street photos. So the “man waiting in the metro” image is my fav 🙂

  14. I really like how you guys engage us with these updates on the competition. Keep it up

  15. that girl hold my attention too… ;-)
    joking aside, great photos and thanks for the contest!

  16. Every time when you upload something, I’m looking forward for this “That’s exactly what we want” before the video :))

  17. I was wondering what happened to this one… 🙂 Cheers for the upload again….

  18. Are you guys Aussies ?

  19. Loved this, might go and subscribe so I can get enter the next competition, lots of my photography is viewable on my flickr 🙂 link to it from my channel for anyone interested

  20. First :)

  21. OnlyTheMostRandomest

    Your awsome, great help!! Thanks man!! – I entered the Still life!

  22. i like your pronunciation 😀 (and the pictures too) :))

  23. Interesting

  24. porschepanamera92

    One of the most informative photography channels on youtube! 🙂