Karl Taylor photography competition (April winner and May 2012 is reviewed)

Video clip Score: four / 5

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  1. Im new to this and spent hours watching all these vids!

  2. Great job guys. Your efforts are apreciated. Keep reviewing the competition photos since it gives, to some of us, idea of the moments we should focus on. It’s not about the prizes at all, its already a honor to be picked up in top 25 by you.

  3. Only for UK ?

  4. 03:10 boris johnson, perhaps?

  5. Is Tim Camera Shy? … Thanks guys really enjoy your stuff especially the DVDs

  6. i Love your DVD’s and videos
    but why did you didn’t comment on the photo of the dude how’s type on the mac , and you also you didn’t show it at all ?

  7. right… off to vote 🙂

  8. See guys. You influenced the way people vote again. Not a bad thing though. Your competition, your rules.

  9. Tin eye – reverse image search engine, scroll on his blog down to Useful Sites, and the link is on the bottom

  10. TheDrexlJonezChannel

    “Don’t try to fool us…” sounded like Turkish in Snatch

  11. Hey Karl,
    Love the work you put in those dvds. I really feel like I’ve learned a lot through your videos.
    I was wondering what app you use for viewing your images. I think the standard image viewer (for mac) isn’t very handy at all. Thanks in advance !!

  12. i couldnt find ur link regarding the software “10 i”

  13. Hi, on the website it says that the picture should be 1000pixel wide? what do you mean by that? is there a way to edit that on Lightroom or PS? thanks..

  14. nice video!
    go on with the review format

  15. SamDalePhotography

    I think I might go for the texture competition. I thought the Facebook icon on the old type writer was ingenious, going to vote for it now.

  16. you guys are fun to watch as always .. thank you for another video

  17. aurora bororolis :-)))))))

  18. i may not have a DLSR, but im watching your videos, subscribed here and in your site to learn something essential of photography.. btw i like your accent Karl…

  19. Google images has the same software guys. Just drag a photo to it’s search bar 🙂

  20. Hello… one of my hobbies is taking picture anywhere just using my phone. my friends like it and telling me to buy a camera. 1 day i saw your videos. it gives me encouragement to own a real camera. ^_^ i really want to know, learn more about photography and be part of a group of photographers. sir, i want to ask if what kind of DSLR camera will i buy as a beginner? i know that i cannot afford yet to buy an expensive one. ^_^ sir hope you give me an idea. Thank you and more power to all of you..

  21. Please don’t withhold comments. :)

  22. Since you guys brought up the point that the first picture might be stolen, do you recommend watermarking images or putting a logo in the corner ? I know they could also crop, but at least it might stop some people.

  23. I am interested to know where do you get this kind of print? Can I order such print online?

  24. You guys have a very good thing going on for the youtube photography community. Great work! Wishing you guys all the best as well.

  25. great video. does your new dvd cover printing and how to print and print sizes? thank you