Joe McNally Photography- On location with the Nikon D4

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  1. I read your book

  2. damn straight…. McNally comes from old school where you had to know wtf you were doing.

  3. Aizat shinichi kudo

    Joe McNally is a photographer my idol

  4. Suck what?

  5. no idiot i dont. coz i am not even a photographer. now, you wanna suck me?

  6. Ever wonder why he has that and you don’t?

  7. 3:44…..very cool
    i´m just a beginner in photography and i hope, that i´ll take just 1 or 2 percent of this genius photography in the future…..;o)
    greeds from germany

  8. yes with a truck full of equipment and a crew big enough to shoot a hollywood movie, lol

  9. TheDrexlJonezChannel

    Some photog carry backpacks, others carry cases… McNally carries a truck.

  10. Awesome..

  11. AntiIgnorantDimwit

    Yes, he knows how to use strobes. But it’s a mix of 33% technique, 33% gear, 100% interesting subject.

  12. 3:23 … …

  13. ”So I’m here in an empty field in Florida. My reason…in that empty field there’s a circus.”…ITS NOT AN EMPTY FIELD THEN IS IT JOE?!!! XD

  14. @voidzzzz @AlexHawkVideos well said guys!!!

  15. Inspiring work, Joe! While I am nowhere near your level of light manipulation I want this D4 even more. Granted, my skills won’t take full advantage of its feature set, the 400k shutter count rating and excessive weather sealing is important to someone who won’t be buying another camera for at least 6 years after this purchase.

  16. Shakespeare wrote with a quill dipped in ink not with a pen. lol

  17. totally agree my D7000 performs like a mobile phone comparing to this man’s abilities

  18. PDixonPhotography

    So its not an EMPTY field then! haha

  19. good

  20. Nice work, Joe, as usual. Thanks for sharing your talents.

  21. Omfg photography level over 9000… Master of light

  22. i did not noticed my jaw was on the floor while watching this. superb!!

  23. gosh I wish I could become a succesful photographer like him

  24. Diggin the music!