Immediate Foreground Ep 310: You Keep Shooting with Bryan Peterson: Adorama Photography TV

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  1. Both photos look great by themselves, but honestly I prefer the eye-level snapshot when the purpose is a landscape photo. The one that gets closer to the flowers makes me (the viewer) wonder if I’m supposed to be focusing attention on the flowers or on the landscape. The other photo clearly tells me it’s all about the overall landscape. Still, both photos are beautiful individually.

  2. Thanks for the informative tips….but please start doing sound checks, the audio on your video is over-modulated and it makes for difficult listening.

  3. I prefer the ‘snapshot’ – sorry :))

  4. CJAwesome83x

    This is going to sound horrible but its not meant as such.

    Is it just me or is Bryan kind of like the Gary Busey of photography? ;p

  5. MrSizzles1976

    Hi, its not the camera that does this for you, it’s the lens, or more the focus distance you are using. It you have a wide angle lens which has a range of at least 17-18mm select your aperture to f22 and set yours distance on the lens to 3 feet to 1 meter. Get down low and shoot a good shot. The image will look out of focus but just trust your lens.

  6. I wouldn’t go in *that* close, but I must say, going in a little closer with a wide angle provides for a wee bit more interesting picture.

    Btw, how wide is “wide” in this particular case?
    Btw 2, at f/22 I’ve seen my lenses because blurry because such a small aperture is beyond the aperture “sweet spot”, which for my wide angle lens is around f/8 or f/11.

  7. EverythingisFire

    I thumbed through my book & found a little excerpt: “But what we do have are ‘distance settings’. The distance settings are similar to the d.o.f. scale in that they allow you to preset your d.o.f. before taking your shot. And since every storytelling composition relies on max. d.o.f. , you’d 1st set your aperture to f/22 and then align the distance above your distance setting mark on the lens”. That’s what I was thinking of.

  8. Great lesson, I always learn something from Mr. Peterson because I’m a beginner. Just one point I disagree on is the focus on the dandelions! They are a weed and ugly. Just my opinion. Keep making the videos they are great.

  9. DigitalColorado1

    I might have tried a telephoto and large f stop so I could get the background a little out of focus. We all see different things.

  10. its a memorable day in BP history! we shall never forget 😉

  11. BrotherBloat

    great stuff – what a fantastic location, too! 🙂

  12. 007onlytaller

    enough with the ‘Finally Brian in HD’ comments.

  13. BP is the man.

  14. prefocusing means manually focusing the lens and turning it to 1m / 3ft -___- and taking the shot …your d3100 has pretty much everything you’ll need

  15. and that too with such a clean audio without any interference!

  16. Woohoo!!!
    New HD video camera for Mr Peterson.:)
    “Much better to the viewer’s eyes and more pleasing too”. In Mr. Peterson’s voice… LoL

  17. EverythingisFire

    I remember reading about using the pre-focus distance meter(I doubt I have that named right) where you focus a few feet ahead of you. If I’m not mistaken, the D3100 doesn’t have that feature, right?

  18. *facepalm*

  19. Of course, they’re probably shoot the video with a Nikon D4 or D800 or maybe something cheaper on how good video came these past 2 years.

  20. Finally, Byran shot with a better potato

  21. Just need a tripod now….

  22. richieramone1


  23. Brian is just cool…that’s all

  24. F22 is overkill for a wide angle lens. polarizer is not really needed. the shot on the right would be the best one if it was lower.

  25. WoooHoooo, Finally Bryan on a better video camera!!! Now we ‘re talking.