How to Zone Focus for Street Photography with a Leica, Rangefinder, or DSLR

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  1. Good job! Getting the shot missing the shot.

  2. i love your work eric, but please delete this and do it properly. I am
    watching to learn and it’s out of focus, the audio is poor and you can’t
    see what you’re doing. 

  3. That zoning focus works great with DSLR but with regular SLR can you push
    your film and back? Lets say 400 to 1600 back to 400 iso…. Just curious 

  4. waytoosquirrelly

    Great video. Very informative. I would appreciate your doing a video on
    low or ‘available light’ photography.

  5. Good advice thanks Eric

  6. Randall Schoverling

    I just got a late 60’s Yashica electro 35 rangefinder camera and I have no
    idea how to focus it. I don’t even know if they made different lenses for

  7. Sorry, so you are using a $3000 camera to perform like a pinhole camera?

  8. Thanks Eric, a simplified explanation of setting Hyper Focal distance. Well

  9. Ryan Charles Razon

    Wait…. If you are shooting f/16, isn’t everything in focus already? or
    did he just use f/16 as a bad example for pre-focusing. lol 

  10. f16 sounds good during day time. What do you do in dim light?

  11. @erickimphotography i was going to buy a 28mm, only the online revieuws of
    the lens werent that good. and the cheapest L lens in that range is the the
    17-40mm f4. i think i will be buying that one. i am using a canon 60d now.
    it worked fine in italy for taking street photos

  12. which is faster, focusing manually on the Leica or the autofocus on the
    Fuji X100? Thanks Eric

  13. Why makes the SLR advice specific to digital?

  14. @Dannysubliminal He’s using an M9. It doesn’t use film bro.

  15. CountryHouseGent

    Excellent video. I do find it quite hilarious that, even though you need to
    use a reasonbly

  16. leica and a Cartier t-shirt, not really for most people

  17. Raymond McCarron

    i understood your description of hyper focal length perfectly. i have
    looked at other videos and read other explanations, but i got yours
    perfectly. kudos. also, i see you put black over the red dot and m9, haha,
    so do i. read somewhere HCB did it.

  18. eric, m8 is 1.3x crop sensor.. is it better to get 40mm on it so it equal
    to 50mm in full frame sensor or just 35mm ? i wonder how people focus
    accurately using f0.95? the dof is too shallow.

  19. on a crop sensor, dont you get more dof for each given fstop? so there is a
    pro and a con for crop sensors… right? still trying to figure everything
    out btw, ive been googling zone focussing and reading super technical
    websites about it, and in the middle of it i got a “erickim has uploaded a
    video!” email, and just ignored it… finished all my research, still not
    100% certain of things.. and read the email… VOILA! yer video is about
    zone focussing… lol 🙂

  20. CountryHouseGent

    Excellent video. I do find it quite hilarious that, even though you need to
    use a reasonably narrow f-stop for hyperfocal, some people don’t understand
    that and complain about using expensive lenses stopped down. This is a vid
    on hyperfocal shooting. If you don’t understand that, ask your teacher and
    go and play with your Lego Digital. Ha ha.

  21. @MrGubrz Just read your comment and you’re bang on. The best solution for
    me, is to have both a crop and full frame. It’s like having two sets of
    lenses. Now if only I could mount my Leica lenses on a MF body, and go
    super-super wide! 😛

  22. i used a 50mm on a crop body, i got used to manuel focusing quickly