How to Shoot a Wedding – Ceremony – Wedding Photography Tutorial Series

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  1. That’s a great idea of bringing pictures of the bride and groom with the photographers in the background I will definitely do that. I had to crop him out of several pics. thank you

  2. Great tutorial! Very helpful! Awesome job!

  3. PhotographersOnUTube

    My contract specifies that no other person can photograph when I am taking pictures. If they don’t listen.. if they don’t communicate with their guests then it’s on them. I also tell the bridge/groom that I’ve lost a lot of shoot shots because of all the other cameras or who ever is in your way. Your goal is to cover your butt. Contract saves you. I’ve taken shots with other photographers in the frame and I show that to bridge/groom because only they can stop the madness.

  4. I was just shooting a wedding and one of the groom’s friends also was involved (taking shoots) but I was the main photographer and it felt like he was stepping on my toes the whole time. it was never discussed he was going to be there and it was really annoying – any advice?

  5. nice! Keep the video’s coming. I hope I’ll get to be even half as good as you some day 🙂

  6. What batteries do you use with your speedlights ?

  7. CanecaProductions

    Something that will really really help is, how to, or options to create a nice wedding album. A friend of a friend just asked me to shoot her wedding and I freaked out right away, lol. I’m a portrait photographer not a wedding one. It is possible you can so a tutorial on wedding albums. I’m sure most people will appreciate that, specially me. 😛

  8. nice video ,i got lot of idea for me us a begginer

  9. Im staying in dubai.. Ok then… Thanks

  10. PhotographersOnUTube

    Hi Marcus! You’re the 5th person to mention about facebook page. I think something is wrong. One time no one was able to access in the US but that was resolved in a few hours. I don’t know what going on. I don’t block people unless they’re spammers. If you can’t see my page that means it has to do with facebook. Blocked people can still see the page, they just don’t get notifications. You’re not blocked, it’s a glitch. What country are you from in case something got banned there?

  11. Hi jib.. I cant see your facebook page, dont know what happened… Im just wondering if you blocked me or not..

  12. I can’t wait for you to go more in depth about the equipment , especially the strobes. Nice tips a few i’ve never thought about!

  13. very  nice tutorial dear

  14. Thank you so much for the videos!
    Amateur over here that wants to learn :))
    I have a Nikon D3100 with the stock lens. I want up grade my Lens but confused on what to buy. Also what flash do you recommend I should upgrade too? I want to take pictures of newborns, couples & kids and hopefully a wedding in the future. I just had a session with a newborn but was way to white & bright. What do you think i did wrong? I shot only in the aperture mode i think it was F4.

  15. the things you told me are a little too expensive for me 😛
    i’m just an Alevels student, so is there any way i can use the same camera but make improvements in my lens or something??

  16. PhotographersOnUTube

    D90 and a kit lens is not equip to do sports photography at night. You need at least D3s and a 2.8 telephoto lens to freeze the action and not under expose the picture.

  17. this is an excellent video.. but can u help me
    recently i have been covering football (soccer) matches but have trouble is that specially at nights.. pictures are too dark and if u use slow shutter speed the whole image is destroyed due to the movements… i have a Nikon D90 with a 18-105 kit lens and i cant afford a new lens :/
    SO WHAT TO DO????

  18. Random question, but I’m just wondering..
    What’s a good setting for a concert? (dark, laser lights kinda of settings..)
    I use a D5100.

  19. Thanks for your videos. I’ve learned so much from you..

  20. PhotographersOnUTube

    That’s always the most challenging part as it involves photographing the dress and that’s not an easy task with too many uncertainties. If I don’t have to photograph the dress, I could shoot a wedding on a 5 minute notice. Anyway… make up, dress up is easy but wedding dress solo shot is always unpredictable and very time consuming.

  21. PhotographersOnUTube

    Sounds great! Even without a studio you can make good money taking pictures. I know quite a few photographers who started from zero and now they’re making money taking pictures just watching my videos. It makes me proud.

  22. PhotographersOnUTube

    Go to my photography business website. A link is on POUT facebook page. Go through the wedding pictures. Take notes. Download if you want to and save them on your cell phone. When you get stuck, look at them, copy the composition and it will bail you out. Don’t panic and over shoot if it’s your first one but don’t over shoot the same pose/picture over and over. Composition, composition, composition. Arrive early and start taking detail shots in advance. Good luck!

  23. I love this one, I cannot wait for all of them to finish up the topics…my favorite thing to photograph as a friend who owns a camera…:0)  take care, vera

  24. Im soo scared to do my first wedding… August 4th. THANKS so much for these videos.

  25. Great video as always Jib! I bought my SLR  just early this year and I believe I have progressed a lot by learning a lot from your tutorials. A lot of my friends and family members are quite amazed by my photos and works. And now, I’m now I’m putting up a home studio, so I can I have extra income w/ this photography hobby. More great videos to come!