How To Save Money With Your Macro Photography! (Episode 1)

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  1. Some pull said Kenko lenses gets stuck. Ever happen to you?

  2. Roger Skagerström

    My Panasonic LX3 has a 1 cm focus limit. Got a 600D now, but I’ll keep the LX3… No need for a macro lens 😉

  3. What camera was the large photo in the background taken with?

  4. Umm… what happened to episode 2? I already use a 3x tubes + 50mm f1.8 for cheapo macro, but I’d be very interested in the difference in results between this and the MP-E or whatever else. Must see comparison shots! :)

  5. Epic-Macro-Combo: 2x Converter (Vivitar) and 70-210mm Canon lens! EPIC!

  6. Great stuff man….I subscribed

  7. Or, instead of paying £90 for a set of extension tubes, you can get a perfectly good set of auto-focus extension tubes with connection pins (for Nikon) from ebay for about £25 including P&P. I’ve had mine for about 2 years now and they work fine.

  8. why is the 1D mark 4 sitting there ? >”<

  9. Hey, i didn´t lend you my Canon Powershot o.o

  10. If you use extension tubes for your macro photography, as I do, I highly recommend using a tripod to stabilize your camera.

    Additionally, a macro focus slide rail is also useful as it allows you to make very fine focusing adjustments which are hard to pull off sometimes.

  11. hi karl,can what actual extention tube brand are you using in this video?and is it the af or non auto focus kind?thing is i bought some cheap $10 non electric extention tubes and i’m waiting on them in the mail,but can i use the same techniques u do here eg focusing to the max then put in manual and move it back n forth to get the same results?or is there something else to do?also what flash do u use in the advanced digital course when your doing the macro flowers with the cord and flash in hss?

  12. kickasssloth360

    ummm, you can just hold you lens backwards, it amazing!!!

  13. Is Tamron 70-300mm good? I finds it cheap and I’m a little suspicious about the price of it when it has been said it has a Macro feature. So I was wondering wherether is it worth of buying it?

  14. GreatPhotographyTips

    It’s not all free! We hope you also support us by also purchasing some of more advanced courses 😉

  15. 1:45- “…I just borrowed this camera from a friend…”
    It’s OK if you still own/ use an entry level DSLR Karl. Nobody will judge you for it. 🙂
    I love your videos and free courses on-line. Thank you for sharing your talent freely!

  16. Hi what are your thoughts on the Raynox 250 for macro?, it’s cheap and I find very effective,,,

  17. I don’t stray from manual mode on my DSLRs so I figure that a macro mode is just putting a priority on aperture and possibly iso or other settings, I’d stick with manual for macro shots

  18. would u recomend to use the macro mode on mye 550D when taking macro shots, or just use manual?

  19. you can get with tubes a 2:1 Macro, do you really think that this is not very macro-ish?

  20. Yes, But then if is not there its not very Macro-ish, is it? 😛

  21. Glad you got to the Macro. I am mainly here to learn more for my product photography. We have a website and upload pictures of our jewelry.

  22. Very helpful… thank you…

  23. Karl,thanks bro,really help me a lot in macro photography

  24. If you want to preserve image quality go with the tubes. If you want flexibility then the filter. Depends on which filter. The Raynox-250 is a great macro filter for most lenses.
    Extension tubes will limit you. It reduces light hitting the sensor. The more stacked, the more light lost, resulting in longer shutterspeeds/high ISOs. It will do well with tripods, though unless used with flashes, really isn’t good handheld. Image quality of lens is preserved though.

  25. Heinz Ter Voert

    He is in England. So yes, spring