How to: Flash Photography – Bikini Powder Girl

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  1. i love you voice!! of coz ur photographic skills as well~~omg i love ur voice!

  2. 3:00 canon strap on nikon camera ; )

  3. You should let alamby model next time

  4. guywithacamera416

    Really? Mine does, got about 20 shots before it stopped

  5. yeah i was thinking the same too, but i understand why now

  6. Canon 580 ex II has custom function 06 where you can enable quick flash for continuous but flash will only be 1/6 – 1/2 of full output…

  7. This comedy is featuring wonderful photography

  8. I’m a gay british asian dude and I’m totally not interested in the cute asian chick in a bikini at all, I’m thinking about what her boyfriend looks like

  9. XFiEntertainment

    cheese powder haha - I like her …

  10. Haluk Kerem Akgün

    The most powerful canon 60d

  11. Because it has the words “bikini powder girl” on the title…

  12. MisterWhoreungfilms

    haha lol! this video has most viewvs..

  13. “rent somebody else’s studio” 😀 was the best advice

  14. asian hotties


  16. ALAMBY! Super Dance Squad, INITIATE!

  17. I will try it with my girlfriend!
    No, wait. I have no girlfriend…

  18. TheCleansingAffect

    This has got to be one of the oddest personalities on most all of youtube…

  19. QphotographyLLC

    Love this video

  20. Who cares? Every camera does the same type of job.

  21. Perhaps TD didn’t put as much powder on his models but I’d imagine that there was more on her hair rather than her scalp so that her hair would throw it around.

  22. thelittleperfections

    well…that was fun.very fun.

  23. thelittleperfections


  24. Man, Ladyboys are hot.