How to do street photography if you are shy like me

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  1. Thanks for sharing your work, I really enjoyed seeing it. I found it to be
    very inspirational, especially since you explained the reasons you made the
    shots. I feel after seeing this, I will be more conscious of the images I
    make. We can all use inspiration from time to time. I am now one of your

    Peace and blessings

  2. Street photography = being creepy and lacking manners


    I love street photography. I love taking images of people in their moment
    of truth but stayed away from proceeding because I did not want to invade
    anyone’s space. I too am shy as well. I hate it when people take photos of
    me without my permission so again, never did it unless of course I am
    covering an event (which is different). However, you have shown me a way to
    shoot with respect to people’s privacy. Taking pictures of buildings and
    antique furniture is another love. It’s something about their shapes,
    architecture that I admire. I just purchased a vintage Kodak DuraFlex III
    built in the 1950’s. I plan to do some street photography with it! You
    provided some great tips to get me started. Thanks for sharing! Happy New

  4. I’m not sure I would label what you do as “street photography.” A couple
    of the shots were what most people consider street photography, but most
    weren’t. However, that doesn’t take away from they fact that you have some
    really nice work, here, and it was good of you to describe your thought
    process as you were making them. 

  5. Albert Santoso

    Many good tips and nice photos, thanks, Beth. But there’s one thing that
    caught my attention… the best way to start doing street photography is do
    it like a tourist. :)

  6. This is where I think that old film cameras have an edge. No one pays any
    attention to me if I’m out with a 45 y/o Pentax Spotmatic or a no-name
    rangefinder camera and people are curious about strange looking twin lens
    reflexes, but don’t seem to mind being photographed. However, when I’ve
    pulled out a big, professional looking DSLR with a zoom lens, I’ve been
    asked “Why the hell did you just take my picture?” and explanations can get
    tricky. For me and the way I like to shoot, stealth is better. Some
    beautiful pictures, though, and I especially liked the photo of the artist
    at work. Thanks!

  7. Where are the people in your ‘street’ photography? This is not street
    photography, this is mainly buildings. Real street photography is hard if
    you are shy because you need to get close to people.

  8. There is no privacy in a public street. Never delete in camera.

  9. A trick I’ve seen is to hold your DSLR away from your face and pretend to
    be looking at the screen and pressing buttons, while actually you are
    pressing the shutter

  10. Hi Beth. I can tell you have a real passion for your art. You have captured
    some lovely shots. Don’t be shy, you are a lovely person, keep on going. I
    am just starting to take shots but all I have got is a 10 year old Nokia
    phone, even though I have taken some amazing photos. Thank you for passing
    on your enthusiasm and knowledge.

  11. even tourist take better photos of Paris…I’m sorry but it is so boring
    Please change title to boring street pic then we don’t lose time 

  12. EastVan Photography

    This isn’t street photography, more like urban landscape and architecture.
    Your title is misleading as it has nothing to do with a solution of
    breaking the shyness of shooting what is missing in most of those shots –
    people. Photography in the street and street photography are two different

  13. Sorry to complain but how do you ‘earn a LIVING’ from these ‘Street Photos
    ‘ ? Nobody would pay for them as far as I can see — you say you are a
    ‘Professional’ that means earning a living from your photos — I do ‘Street
    Photography’ but although a ‘Pro’ I do it as am ‘Amateur’ and show them in
    my Camera Club.

  14. Great shots. Keep it going and believe in your self. Photography is
    afterall, an artist expression how he/she sees the world.

  15. Susan Russo Anderson

    Loved seeing the quiet beauty of Paris again. You’ve captured her, your
    heroine. Thanks for this, Beth.

  16. How do you have 438 subscribers when I am struggling for 28? Honestly I
    don’t find your material groundbreaking in anyway. Must be your accent,
    that seems to be the common denominator with successful YouTube

  17. Matteo Schiavon Lopez

    Wait, is she critiquing her own work? 

  18. great photos. I am learning about photography and this is helping me to
    give me ideas,thanx

  19. I really love the “Café Salon De Thé” picture. I don’t know if you edited
    it or if it’s a raw picture but it’s very nice ! I have a hard time working
    with red because it’s difficult to edit. This is great tho ! 

  20. I think most people have not yet come to terms with the fact they are
    constantly being photographed and video taped almost everywhere they go by
    security cameras. So being offended by a more conspicious photographer
    seems futile.

  21. You are a type of photographer like me. When I travel to a new city and
    comeback. People who see the pictures feel nobody lives in cities I visit.

  22. I too feel so conspicuous when i go out with my camera. I must also
    overcome my shyness.

  23. I feel you so so so so so much! I did street photography during my whole
    trip in eastern europe and it gets really awkward sometimes but Ive got
    really good photos 😀 ! I’m really happy.

  24. Nice intro vid. Overall, I’d say shots of people have more pull and
    interest in street photography rather than just architecture.