How do you protect your photography equipment when travelling? – By Karl Taylor.

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  1. You angle change from eye level (approx 5:40) to above looking down, is seamless. Impressive.

  2. photographerjonathan

    I guess you love the 50mm and 85mm f1.2 because they are in your bag, but can you tell me about those lenses, how sharp at f1.2 ,,,, how quick do they focus, and how consistently do they nail focus, if you used the 5D with the 50 or 85 at f1.2 and you took ten shots of a face with your focus point on the eye, how many out of the 10 would be a nailed focus, do you have a review I can watch about those two L lenses, does the 85 out perform the 50 ? do you own the 135 F2 L ? thanks

  3. I lost concentration after seeing the 70-200 wobble.Something fell,i hope that wasn’t it..nice video

  4. It would (could?) be cheaper if you can rent the light equipments ?

  5. I was biting my nails, hoping the 70-200 wouldn’t topple.

  6. omg please tell us how to make the apple in the bottle picture!

  7. What do you think about a 7D with a 70-200 2.8 and a 5d mark II with a 16-35 2.8?

  8. 2:40 I loved it when he said “its just a 17″ MacBook WHATEVER…”
    It’s only a computer to him in contrast to how Apple users usually take immense pride in using an Apple product

  9. You are the man!

  10. Love your collection of gear!

  11. Tylereatsanimals

    Or what ever they are called .___. ……

  12. that 70-200 nearly toppled over and off the table a couple of times

    nice bag 🙂

  13. LOL

  14. he means a “battery grip”. Traditionally cameras didn’t have motordrives built in, so it screwed on the bottom and would move the film frame on quicker.

  15. Karl, i hate you a little. lol. Everything you consider your “basic kit” is exactly what i want. The 70-200, the 2x extender, the 85mm. Ah. 🙁

  16. Chris Pritchard

    Hi Karl!
    Can you tell me where you get your filter holders, adapters and filters from. I looked at lee fileter but I couldnt find any canon adapters? is this whrere you get yours from?

  17. Bergerbrothersphoto

    Thanks for the insight about the bag for protecting your equipment.

  18. 5:25 Photogasm

  19. What fish eye lens are you using?

  20. lowepro should pay you for this..

  21. nice bag

  22. Motor drive?

  23. Remainder ! You forgot the chargers for laptop and the cameras.

  24. Stop calling it a basic kit!! My Nikon and 2 lenses feel really inadequate.

  25. I need to change my pants know :/