Flash Photography Tips

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  1. Thank you for the comprehensive but easy to follow tutorial

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  6. Forgot to say, its an on camera flash (nex7), with only flash comp. but no manual flash adjustment. If i used an off camera flash with manual, and set it to low power……so low that theoretically, at a high iso it will fill the subject but NOT DISRUPT THE BACKGROUND LIGHTING. HELP!!!!!!!!!

  7. hi, i have a dilemma. I like to shoot indoors at high isos to achieve higher shutter speeds. However, as you have demonstrated here, when i use fill flash my subjects are blown out, and even worst, the room’s llight is overwhelmed by the flash. So i bring the iso to 100, the lighting is great, but the shutter is tooooo damn slooooow. What to do?

  8. 7:20 it didn’t warm it, the ambient light just started to come through

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  16. Nice. Lot’s of useful info in a short video and explained clearly. Thanks!

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  21. Are you using manual on the DSLR when using the slow synch?

  22. Hey, I shoot a lot of photography for clubs and at events. I usually use the flash to freeze subject and a long shutter speed to let the background burn in. You have covered this here. Do you have anything else for shooting with an SLR. I usually have my camera on manual and flash on TTL. Is there a ratio, tips or in depth video or similar you could offer?

  23. thanks for all that info.. i appreciate all that detail you put into this one.. 🙂 more power to you bro.. 🙂

  24. This was awsome tips to share with some camera operators ;D thanks for sharing

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