Early Morning Street Photography

Online video Rating: 4 / five

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  1. nikon camera with nikon strap? what’s gone wrong?

  2. i’d get stabbed by some tweakers for sure

  3. You are a very talented photographer. Loved your black and whites! The video was very inspirational. What you were saying is so true, the photograph can offer a vision usually not witnessed by the viewer. The lens of a camera can capture the ethereal of a common sight when the eyes cannot…

  4. I’d get my camera stolen, -sigh-

  5. 3:12 Homeless people with new looking shoes? kept on the sidewalk, for anyone to steal? but nobody steals em’ ?

  6. In my city, get robbed by a random group of thugs… that’s why I always travel in a group for photography

  7. please tell music

  8. Or simply because monochrome anything can look more pleasing or fit the mood of a picture.

  9. Because in black and white you can hide the ugly stuff that happens when you’re messing with the exposure in post processing or doing HDR.

    Also, you can take any picture, turn it black and white and call it “art”.

  10. What’s the name of the opening music? (the guitar stuff) i love it

  11. I’m guess your from NYC. and the Washington height area

  12. applepiewithtoast

    because it looks good

  13. i thought the birds actually were tweeting from twitter

  14. BraydenEinboden

    why is all of his photos black and whit

  15. I get up at 4:00 …..I’m amateur bike rider

  16. Amazing photos

  17. Please tell the music thanks

  18. Kai is so not a morning person..lol

  19. try flickr great place to make new friends and try new stuff

  20. newbietuber99966

    I try to get groups together

  21. 6:55 – 7:44 what he says is true and deep to me.

  22. I think with this car you have to compensate your small penis

  23. does anyone knows the song at the beginning?

  24. what is the name of the song from the generic until Kai speaks