DRTV Cheap Photoshoot Challenge – Food Photography

Video clip Score: 4 / five

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  1. I think it was a´╗┐ good picture at 9:23.

  2. actually u could use your own monitor as background. It’s really works ­čÖé
    But you did a nice job any way´╗┐ )))

  3. After´╗┐ having his sandwich AND soup destroyed, Lok stills wants to help out, good guy!

  4. oldVideoGamesChannel

    2:03 “Kai´╗┐ shop”

  5. FrancisAlbrecht

    I know they’re professionals, but even on cheapo cameras they still make really good looking photos! I think they’re just´╗┐ really good with the lighting.

  6. MyBoogeryBooger


  7. So funny when Kai missed´╗┐ his shot and when he sat on Lok’s sandwhich!!

  8. poor lok´╗┐ ­čÖü

  9. you suggest entertainment without entertainment….are you´╗┐ entertained?

  10. 10:10 i just´╗┐ got the same lamp….

  11. Kai likes champaign bottles´╗┐ up his butt.

  12. thelittleperfections

    ironic´╗┐ haha

  13. thelittleperfections

    looooooooool´╗┐ xD

  14. Okay. Thanks.

  15. Its from´╗┐ iMovie

  16. it’s destined…..´╗┐

  17. Is that background music´╗┐ from Monopoly for the computer?

  18. DIY – Destroy it yourself´╗┐ 4:43

  19. @8:15 hilarious
    “Does it´╗┐ take xd card? Bloody Hell Olympus!”

  20. [08:26] Lok: Waliao´╗┐ T^T

  21. PhotographerJan

    Conclusion: Just get a´╗┐ DSLR ­čśŤ

  22. 2:04 Kai´╗┐ Shop

  23. did you notice Kai shop´╗┐ ­čśÇ

  24. haha 08:02 is so funny !´╗┐