Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 44: Slow Shutter Magic

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  1. Mark, my question is this. . When shooting in slow shutter speed to create
    these pictures, should I shoot on raw or jpeg? 

  2. Vladimir Bachez

    Consejos de Slow shutter speed.

  3. Victor Rivera

    Wow! That was really creative. . You make it look so easy. . Nice. .

  4. Thisura Theshan

    w0w w0w w0w ………. everyday i learn something new by watching something
    like this [ #CAMERA ] ………. <3 <3 <3 

  5. airplanefreak27

    Awesome! Got exactly what I came for. Thank you for providing these for

  6. Amarjit Nexus

    7:40 camera steady nice shot 

  7. Bobby Mathiwathanan

    Another great video from Mark. Could you tell me when u metered the sky to
    get the shot of flour mill which metering mode you used?

  8. Amir Schwartz

    hello form Israel. Keep up the good work!

  9. Thomas Onyango

    Lol @ …and stuff! Nice question.

  10. This is all cool it would help if you had showed how to change the setting
    to make slow shutter speed in the camera itself.

  11. Awesome video man 

  12. I could care less about BLURRY PICTURES. I’m interested in doing
    photography with my LUMIX LX7 with shutter speed like 250 SECONDS SHUTTER
    SPEED. not 1/250, but 250s, THAT’S SLOW AS HELL. I’m interested right now
    My Lumix Lx7 can go as fast as 1/20,000s of a second, to 250 seconds very

  13. Hi Mark,

    Can you please advice, on the best way to shoot a subject at slow shutter
    speed e.g. in front of blurred waterfall , or at a beach with lot of
    mountains near by.

    I tried doing that but the subject shakes.

    Thanks a lot in advance

  14. RagnarokOrBust

    Wow … interesting stuff and well presented. I’m learning heaps, very much

  15. Very interesting! I like the flower mill, the long trail car lights, and
    the lights at the end that created designs within other lights. I like how
    fun this can be as you create various photographs, by moving the zoom to
    using extra light to make hair. So cool! Thank you for posting, I cannot
    wait to try it. :)

  16. Love these videos!

  17. @hcoll That lens can actually close down to f/38. I actually meant f/36. 🙂

  18. Marcus Vinicius Soldera Grando

    @jondafurb Canon EF-S 10-22mm

  19. Yay using the Camera I just got! 😀 Been watching all the videos on the
    1on1 series minus most of the studio lighting episodes, great stuff! I’m
    definitely supporting Adorama when I step up and start getting accessories.

  20. HOw to do you not take a pic of u behind leon?

  21. Farhad Jorbozeh

    Many thanks Mark, fantastic video as always thanks

  22. FreedomOrNothin

    Question. What is “shutter priority mode?” I understand opening the shutter
    and moving or catching movement for blur but what does that term mean? The
    shot at 7:40 is amazing…How?

  23. is it possible to do these effect by using interchangeable compact camera?

  24. @snapfactory i had an error in my camera once and it actually went all the
    way to f64 hahaha..was a waste i did not snap anythg with that error, or
    i’d have a rare camera EXIF ever available..