Composition-A Digital Photography Tutorial

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  1. Thanks Tony..I have been guilty of the “straight on shot”….changing my
    perspective now.

  2. Never Too Old To Rock

    Another nice and informative video. Thanks Tony.

  3. Being in my capital, calls for me to buy your book and I just did. Thank
    you for the best teaching videos on the net.
    Could you maybe make one to guide us in, which lenses to use or that are
    best to use for portraits, street, night shots, ect.
    Do we really need the whole range of lenses or can we keep it to a
    minimum….thanks again and happy new year to you both.

  4. Tony, you’re the best online teacher

  5. For this video I used the Canon 24-105mm f/4 L IS (and that’s what most of
    the videos are filmed with). For the portrait videos it’s the Canon
    70-200mm f/2.8 L IS MkII. For wildlife it’s the Canon 500mm L IS f/4.

  6. I wish you would tell us what lenses you are using when you shoot these
    fantastic photos

  7. Ah, good, hope you enjoy them! Drop me a line on facebook (link in the
    description) if you have any questions.

  8. Great videos! Bought the book and discovering heaps .. great stuff, thanks.

  9. dENMARK!

  10. I dedicated Chapter 10 of Stunning Digital Photography to HDR–link in the

  11. Oh, I usually autofocus, and if it doesn’t work properly, then I’ll switch
    to manual focus.

  12. Just bought your e-book and am enjoying it immensely. Complete DSLR newbie
    here, so lots to learn.

  13. i live in denmark

  14. We visited five countries this trip and Copenhagen was our favorite. What a
    gorgeous city, and being able to bike everywhere made SUCH a difference!

  15. I like this vids. They are simple enough for my wife. I have to reminde her
    this over and again. But watching it us better thanks

  16. Thanks, Don!

  17. Haha, yeah, and the tour guide kept talking through a loudspeaker. I like
    to be on location, but there are lots of distractions.

  18. Copenhagen is gorgeous!

  19. first

  20. You are one of my top 3 photographers on the internet, because you are
    really good at making it simple and easy to understand. What is the
    smallest aperture you use for your photo in Nyhavn, Copenhagen? Greetings
    from Jess Demant, Denmark

  21. Hope you grapped a Carlsberg there 🙂

  22. meanwhile, the boat got lose!

  23. and this ..

  24. was that boat doing a three point turn behind you?!

  25. You know it!