Aug 13

Photography group take part at their first exhibit

The Shutterbugs formed around 2 years ago when Michele Miller, the founder, started getting a solid stream of interested peoples visiting her booth at the farmers market on Saturday night. Miller has been showcasing as well as selling her photographs and artworks for about ten years now. During the course of time, she realized that photography is a pretty solo venture. Therefore, she thought that it would really be nice to be collective as well as support each other instead of being competitive.

Later, the group started meeting at each other’s homes, going on photo walks together and meeting at coffee shops.

Michele Miller told that the band is a combination of active professionals to people who does not even own cameras but they just want to learn. Therefore, they attempt to teach each other as much as they could.

For most group members, this is their very first experience exhibiting their work. Some members have taken part in Matador Motel’s Art Fiesta in the last few years; the present exhibit is showcasing works from sixteen of the thirty photographers.

Miller told that this is really very exciting for their members that have never done this kind of thing before. Even though there are some sweaty palms in the group.

One of the members, who were nervous and excited at the same time, told that he wants to put his old price tags back on.

Jun 13

Get the Picture III

Almost 3 dozen shutterbugs from the community are a part of – Get the Picture III – which is the annual photography showcase exhibit now exhibiting at Arts Council. The exhibit opened on 24th May, Friday during the Fourth Friday arts celebration, with fifty three pieces in color, black and white as well as digital manipulation categories.

Shane Booth, Fayetteville State University’s associate professor of art, was the exhibit’s juror. Shane got his Master of Fine Arts in photography from Savannah College of Art and Design. In a press release, he said that he looked for photographs which spoke to him while determining which of the entries would be there the final exhibit. He added that some screamed while others whispered.

The winners’ names were revealed on Friday, 24th May – Christopher Grisset (1st place, color); Brittany Hunter (1st place, digital manipulation); Victor Sanchez (1st place, black and white) and Andrew Craft (Best in Show). Many of the snaps will also be there for sale, starting at US$15.

Since the year 2003, International Center of Photography has arranged their triennial to introduce US people to the work of established and emerging artists from across the world. The exhibit of this year – A Different Kind of Order: The ICP Triennial, aims the digital revolution as well as the ways in which it tells the photographer’s work and the viewer’s perception and the relationship with the snap.

May 13

Dick Woodward’s photo exhibit

Wildlife photographer Dick Wilberforce has taken snaps of all kinds of animals across the world, that even includes somewhat elusive lesser prairie chicken bird which’s habitat regions include Northwest Oklahoma. A sample of Dick’s prolific and varied photography is now on display at Pioneers Museum and Plains Indians.

Around half of the snaps featured in this exhibit are the snaps of prairie chickens. Along with that, there are also snaps of other animals including a fox, a bobcat, turkeys, cattle, quail and cardinals. Robert Roberson, the director of the museum, told that he had learned about Dick’s photography through the annual photography contest of the museum that takes place in each fall.

Robert told that when he first entered the photography contest, he was just struck by the beauty of his photographs. Previous year when he entered his snap of the dog and chicken, it just blew him away. The snap, that was named as Chicken Whisperer, shows a dog up on his hind legs with the front paws in air as he is chased by a rooster. That snap got the theme award at the photography show of the museum last year.

Dick Wilberforce has traveled across the world to places such as Africa as well as many other nations just to take pictures of  wildlife. The exhibit will be held in the art gallery till 16th May. And an artist’s reception will take place on Saturday from 2 pm to 4 pm at the museum. The visitors will also get a scope to meet with Dick Wilberforce and know more regarding his wildlife pictures.

Mar 13

Mobile Photo Awards shows the best in smartphone photography

Mobile photography is creating huge waves in the world of travel, as  jet setters and backpackers alike leave their big rigs at home and start their journey with their cameras on their phones. And as we know, were there are pictures, there would be some awards as well. Now we have the Mobile Photo Awards that aims to showcase the best of the genre from shutterbugs around the world.

Award founder Daniel Berman told that he sees first hand how the best artists working in the medium have advanced and evolved over the years. People have past the point of saying – wow, these were taken on a smartphone and well into the next phase of determining who the leading artists are who happen to work in the genre.

Mobile photography has become a global phenomenon these days. This year awards received photographs from almost one thousand photographers from more than forty countries.

Some of the winning pictures are on showcase through28th  February at New York City’s SOHO Gallery for Digital Art. The showcase will go to the ArtHaus in San Francisco from 5th April to 29th June and then to Holcim Gallery in Milton, Ontario from 24th June to 15th July.

The work itself appears to back up the saying that photographers no longer hindered by capturing pictures with a phone, with captivating portraits and landscapes that provide a distinct sense of place, whether the picture is taken in Venice, Arizona or India.

Feb 13

Jonathan Lewis captures Norfolk’s winter wildlife

When most of us are thinking about how we can go to work in the midst of snow or whether the home is warm enough. On the other hand wild species are going through a difficult daily confrontation with the elements to survive in this weather. Jonathan Lewis, a photographer from Norwich, has captured the life of wild animals in winter in his locality.

Getting food over the cold months might be a huge problem for many animals; if you are a barn owl, voles are not detectable easily as they tend to sleep under the snow and if you are a kingfisher, it would be quite impossible to catch fish through a frozen lake and if you are a fox most of the food sources will be unavailable.

Different animals deal with this problem in winter and they lack of food in many ways. Some, like bats or badgers, sleep out in the months, cut down their activities and they do not get the amount of food they requires. The small birds that you see in your gardens are a good example of that. These birds can lose around ten pc of their body weight in a single during cold spells. This is reason why you would see a hustle of feeding activity in the morning if you offer them food in your garden.

Jan 13

Tom Cain Photography competition

It is time when you can put your skills of photography to test at the Tom Cain Memorial Photography Contest. The last date to submit the pictures are 4th January, 2013. This contest was previously named as Union City Photo Contest, but now it has been named after Union City stalwart Tom Cain.

Tom Cain was the son of Judy Cain, the staff member of City of Union. Judy had a special gift for photography. UCLS recreation supervisor Chris Valuckas told that Judy had taken several pictures at different local events. In spite of Downs Syndrome, Tom was very active member in the community. He always had camera by his side – all set to take pictures at any time. Everyone in the community knew that Tom Cain loved photography. He was like the city’s goodwill ambassador both for his love of city programs as well as his passion for photography.

Tom captured pictures of several events for several years and many of those were utilized as the marketing and advertising materials in the city. During his memorial service, most of his pictures were on display and more importantly they were presented to people he loved.

Valuckas added that he really touched everyone’s life for around forty years because of his photography. Now, this memorial competition is open to everyone aged fourteen and above. Winning pictures will be displayed at Union City Sports Center from 1st February.

Dec 12

Paris hosts tour of world photography

The US filmmaker David Lynch hand picked his 99 favorite photographs among hundreds that are on display at the Paris Photo fair that invited the director of ‘Mulholland Drive’, ‘Twin Peaks’ and ‘Blue Velvet’  to be their very first guest curator.

All his selections have been marked across all different galleries as ‘Seen by David Lynch’ along with a roadmap that guides attendees from the one to the next and all the ninety-nine pictures are grouped in a book in which David is quoted as saying “We live in a world of opposites, of extreme evil and violence opposed to goodness and peace. It’s that way for a reason, but we have a hard time grasping what that reason is.”

Contrasts between pictures are the most important thing in his picture. David’s unblinking eye on physical world and its decline gathers expression in a close-up picture of animal flesh, or a crumbled house rotting under the sun.

Death is also present on pictures as an abstract presence with some aerial shots of the Second World War bombers. There is also a 1936 picture of a mass grave field that is filled with Spanish civil war victims.

Some images show the conflicting pictures of the rebellion and conservatism during 50s and 60s in the United States. One picture shows some teenage boys looking out of the car windows, while another shows a family dipping toe in seawater.

On Sunday, David will be present at the event and take part in a discussion on filmic elements.

Nov 12

Photography exhibition starts at Utah State Fair

Thursday, the Utah State Fair 2012 opened for its ten day program and the photography exhibition was finalized. This year more than one thousand arts pictures were submitted by Utah’s best photographers – both from amateur as well as professional categories.

Photographers have submitted their best work for one of the twenty three categories in expectations of getting a ribbon, or a Grand Prize ribbon or a coveted Best of Show. The snaps are on display at the Utah State Fair 2012 every day. The pictures displayed here are just shows a portion of the snaps exhibited here.

The category of the Photography Exhibit include – animals and pets, manipulated, macro and close-up, humor, portraits children and babies, unclassified, still life, wedding or social event, sports, portraits male and female, wildlife in captivity, wildlife in the wild, scenic, portraits groups, panorama, journalistic, human interest, creative art, commercial and industrial, botanical, artistically, architecture and action.

The Utah state fair 2012 includes animals, food, paintings and crafts in the state, a sea lion show, rides,  demonstrations of products and several arts and crafts booths. On Thursday evening the exhibition appeared at the fairgrounds of Utah State and will go on till Saturday. More than 300000 people are anticipated to come at the Utah State Fair 2012 in Salt Lake City. Each day, the Utah State Fair opens at 10 in the morning and stay opened till the end of all the shows. The fair ground is located on the North Temple at 1000 west.