Bracketing: EP74: Digital Photography 1 on 1

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  1. You need to bracket your shots in order to have the pictures to make an HDR
    photo. To make an HDR picture, you bracket the exposure and then you
    combine the resulting images on the computer and the end result is an HDR
    photo. Or you can bracket for other purposes as is explained in this video,
    it’s a step on the way to something else. Put another way, HDR is an end
    product, and bracketing is a step on the way there. Hope that helps clarify.

  2. @acesofgambit 1) Yes you can. You should download the manual and check it

  3. very nice

  4. @acesofgambit Mate, the manual is on Canon’s website itself.

  5. but i’m not like Dale but I have a question….what do i do??

  6. The music is always so happy !

  7. @MaghoxFr Thanks for the reply but until now i can’t a manual guide in the
    web. hope you can help me. thanks and happy holidays 🙂

  8. Hello Sir Mark, I got headache now 🙂 i was looking about AEB. I’m a
    beginner and i got Canon 450D with 50mm f/1.8 lens. I got a questions: 1.It
    is possible to shot a person using AEB in one click? (my manual guide was
    burned out 🙁 ). 2.What settings should i use when doing HDR? should i use
    manual mode or AV mode? HOPE YOU CAN HELP ME 🙂 and can i ask if you have a
    video on strobe photography using only one flash? please 🙂 thanks a lot
    Sir Mark and to rest of the team God bless you!

  9. No more models? Just a piggy? where are Sam, Dawn a the others?

  10. does my Nikon D3100 do this?

  11. @francesann06 that way, the highlights are exposed properly, the shaddows
    will be underexposed but as you took 3 pics, another picture will be with
    the shaddows correctly exposed and the highlights over exposed. When you
    merge them, you will pick the parts that are correctlyu exposed from each

  12. Always great to watch your videos!!

  13. Cool but I won’t use it with 5D2. Can’t turn it off without going inside
    the menu.

  14. So, I still don’t get it. What’s the difference between bracketing and HDR?
    It seems that both take multiple shots with different exposures? Anyone,
    can help??

  15. What are you trying at the end?

  16. Superb, im really appreciating how you cover both Canon and Nikon.

  17. Thanks am

  18. Great video; however, Mark, your polo shirt is a few sizes too big lol.

  19. Joe Shit the Rag Man

    I use bracketing when I shot HDRs but I can’t really see any other use for
    it. If the exposure or the white balance is of, then you could just fix it
    in LR, PS or whatever program you use.