Bird womans aim to save Byron Bay wildlife

For Deborah Pearse, a Byron Bay wildlife photographer, wielding a camera is about more than just having a lovely picture.

It is a path to involve her in often-precarious lives of the wild subjects. Well, people call her bird woman. She prefers taking snapshots of the same pairs for years; she photograph their babies, and she takes pictures of what happens to them.

She does this because she feels very connected.

The birds get to know her that is why she could get that close. Mrs Pearse got her 1st prize in WetlandCare Australia photography prize this year awarded earlier on Saturday for a snap of a pied oystercatcher chick on water edge.

The snapshot named Survival, was a tribute to the work of local people who have served make it possible for 2 of the chicks to survive across Belongil estuary this year. But they are not thriving, and sadly the photographer mused that they could be the last chicks ever spotted in that region. It was over-the-top that 2 chicks survived; most years, none do.

Deborah Pearse added that this is supposed to be a dog-free beach, but people take their dogs off leads all the time. The dogs either trample the nest or they scare the parents away. Huge storms affect those and there is also goannas that take the eggs. They are so under threat; it is a very serious problem.

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