50 Quick Photography Tips

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  1. Wow you guys are on TV, VTC2 (with Viet dubs)! 🙂

  2. this is so funny. LOVE IT

  3. Tips 43……….. LMFAO……….. XD!!!!

  4. Tip 4: Never let Kai hold your baby

  5. This video makes Kai like a retarded lol

  6. o god the amount of times i did # 4


  7. I think i’m in love of these two guys… 🙂

  8. Thenx 😀

  9. 7:49 you guys are hilarious

  10. 2:17  LMFAO!!!

  11. Ey I use the hood as a bracelet! 😛

  12. That’s probably just where you sell from, but everyone has their own preference of OS. Even though linux wins over both, if you know what you’re doing.

  13. ThePhotoXpeditions

    Great stuff – thank you for the photography tips! I admire your passion!

  14. I replied because trolls are easy to troll. As for the fanboy comment, not at all mate, just great products. Your comment about Android outselling Apple is right and wrong. If you took one type of tablet or phone and put it up against the iPad or iPhone it will lose miserably. Putting Apple against all other brands combined is just silly. I have used Android and base my comments on personal experience. Nothing I have used even comes close to my Apple products. Simple as that mate.

  15. ParkerGraysonBrown

    5:18 lol

  16. I don’t think it makes much sense to reply to your troll comment, but you really should put your fanboy glasses off and try Android for some days. I use both, Apple is far behind in some things. I don’t get how Android is getting beaten in every aspect. They sell much more phones every day…

  17. LOL, Doesn’t seem to have affected the product sales mate. I manage a retail outlet in Australia that sells both Android and Apple phones and tablets and Apple outsells 5-1, even with the huge range of Android. Embrace Apple my friend, see the light!

  18. Good luck for apple, your ceo is gone.

  19. I have the same phone at work!!

  20. Yeah good call, Android already has enough problems constantly being beaten in every aspect by Apple!!


    Great video.

  22. Manual is a pain in the ass sometimes. 😉

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  24. 4:26 WHAT?!?!?!!?!?!?

  25. You want useful tips? Watch 1-25 and stop. You want to laugh? Watch the rest.