1000000000000 Frames/Second Photography – Ramesh Raskar

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  1. I wana play battlefield 3 with that much fps

  2. Who is that guy whoahing @2:21? Is that the same guy as in the Apple Keynotes? This is extremely cool, but whoahing is still gay.

  3. randomstuffbaby

    Welcome to Kwik-E-Mart.

  4. I also like how he avoided speaking about how this tech would help the military by being able to see around corners. Though the military already has it’s ways.

  5. This is amazing. I never thought I’d ever see light in motion, even if it was slowed down in water.

  6. I saw this video had a lot of views, so I was expecting something extraordinary. I witnessed very, very slow video of light moving through a bottle of water, was not particularly impressed, and simply wrote “this is really not that interesting”. Apparently soon after that, a fucking internet bomb went off, and everyone and their mother replied to my comment, saying that I “must be uneducated”, how I’m unfit to raise children, etc., and those types of responses is what’s confused me here.

  7. I think maybe people were just confused, annoyed or wondered why you felt a need to voice your disinterest. I don’t have time to read all your comments. Were you trying to state that there are more important things happening right now that this is distracting from? Or, were you simply giving a critique, sharing your opinion because you like sharing and wanted to heard? I support your right to share, I welcome it, but you’ve got to expect this type of response on YouTube.

  8. This isn’t comparable to the discovery of the atom. We know light travels. Here is a camera showing it traveling very slowly. I guess it looks cool, but it certainly doesn’t deserve a standing ovation, and my one sentence stating my disinterest does not constitute a bunch of replies, from a bunch of strangers, commenting on my education and a bunch of other random topics. I’m frankly tired of explaining to people why I don’t find this interesting, and don’t care to respond to any of you anymore.

  9. Seriously??? Then why don’t you do something that gives you the opportunity to speak to TED Audience let alone getting a standing ovation. People like you interpret the discovery of atom as, “SO what, it’s just a small thing, I always knew about it”. It takes brains to appreciate any scientific discovery 😀

  10. TED is a cult!! Don’t drink the koolaid

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  12. Because he’s a pop tart and not a respectable musician.


  14. Haha…oh my dayum… DAYUM DAYUM DAYUMMMMM!!!

  15. why did you get all upset when he said you’re a justin bieber fan? I wouldn’t take it as an insult if I were you..

  16. To take the time to sit and write a paragraph of such nonsense to a complete stranger, about what you think their education consisted of, or how they will raise their unborn children, based on what their interests are, is one of the most ridiculous things i’ve ever seen in my life. I’m sorry I don’t enjoy watching a very slow video of light moving through a bottle. I’m also sorry that you are so judgmental, and make such irrational and illogical statements about complete strangers on YouTube.

  17. Faustustopheles

    339 people can’t see around corners

  18. Junior Mandriola

    Amazing! Great research!

  19. OH MY DAYUMM!!!

  20. Pure unadulterated science. I love the time warp pic.

  21. Am I supposed to feel sorry for you? Funny you try to make up an excuse to try to make me feel bad.

  22. EnchantedLocket

    How did I get here from Fluffy Pony

  23. Thanks for your concern, visiting my channel, and trying to insert yourself into my business. Unfortunately, you’re wrong, I do not listen to him, but rather ride on the wave of popularity generated by his songs. You may get back to reading through, and trolling strangers comments on random videos. Thanks again.