1000000000000 Frames/Second Photography – Ramesh Raskar

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  1. You wouldn’t be able to do the same with a bullet, because the bottle would be destroyed after the first shot. The difference with light is that bottle looks the same after you’ve fired a thousand beams through it. This video shows what a single beam of light passing through the bottle would look like in slow motion, even if they had to “cheat” by photographing many beams of light.

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  5. priceless?

  6. they made it at mit? did you watch the fucking video dumbass?

  7. boring…i wanted to see a bullet, something we can relate to, but then we find out that its not actually recording light as we know recording. For those of you who didnt make it, they film hundreds of pulses and put them together to take the video…you wouldnt be able to do that with a bullet.

    unless of course im wrong. in which case i completely missed the point of the video

  8. shuddered…

  9. I can only imagine the seven dislikes as a gaggle of gollum-like creatures sputtering out “bleaeahhhaa we hates light! we haaaattess it!”


  11. as said in the video, it is an animated example of what happens, to make it more apparent what happens.

  12. “….it was highlighted by nature.com and they created this animation.”

  13. is nice

  14. YearningForHonesty

    At 6:40, is that actually real recorded footage? Or is that just an animated example?

  15. Wow this is so badass. Serious science here

  16. Did anyone else see the eye at the end of the bottle at the 2:12 mark pretty cool..

  17. man… he made it Open Source info, not only Epic by itself as an achievement, but, Epic in all manners for the development of the human kind. ftw

  18. HolyFenderBender14


  19. The time for light to travel 10 cm {meter/100} {3.937 inches} in a vacuum is 333.6 ps {second/10^12}, according to wolframalpha. com. To make a 10-second movie out of 333.6 ps, slow it down by about 3*10^10.

  20. Because the obsolete camera that filmed this didn’t capture all the frames which is why it appears that there were empty seats in the audience lol

  21. Who do you think gave them that camera? 🙂

  22. amazing..

  23. This is unbelievable!

  24. Why do I see empty seats in the audience??

  25. crazy!!!