Cycling Photography – Through The Lens Of Camille McMillan – Inside Line

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  1. Keeping it real. Photographing the Tour. ´╗┐

  2. Maciej Danielski

    #photography #cycling´╗┐

  3. Through the Lens of a Tour De France 2013 Photographer´╗┐

  4. It’s kind of late, but how about a video on the motorcycle drivers?

  5. The right way of making pictures, not the wrong way. Chapeaux!

  6. as an amateur photographer, i thank you for considering different
    perspectives in cycling–thanks.

  7. Very cool. Thanks for this vid!

  8. Great vid.

  9. dont be a f*****G digital knob, its not the camera that takes the picture
    its the photographer. Comments like this deserve no comment so i am the
    c**t for commenting.

  10. Global Cycling Network

    That’s a good point – I’ve added in a link to Camille’s website in the

  11. And video camera operators?

  12. Top chap and top photographer – they should have linked to his Flickr or
    something. Camille? Chuck up a link buddy!

  13. i completely feel i would forget about the race and focus on the french
    countryside lol

  14. Loved this. If you haven’t already, take a look at the book he put out with
    Tom Southam: Inside Out. A great publication, and only a tenner.

  15. On the other hand, taking arty photos of people waving at the Tour is a bit
    silly if there are no photos of the actual Tour. You know, that difficult
    thing with the riders that the people have come out to see in the first

  16. Thank you GCN, for bringing us as many different angles of the Tour as you
    can think of.

  17. camille mcmillan

    Thanks for all the comments.Very good to hear.

  18. Global Cycling Network

    Thanks Rob, it’s one of our favourites too.

  19. Hi Camille, really liked your piece and its alternative approach. And, are
    we related? My family is from Renfrewshire originally, although I’ve been a
    “Wandering Scot” for years….. John McMillan (Ex-Pro from the Middle

  20. Cool. As a photojournalist myself, its good to see the guys behind the
    camera getting some love.

  21. Woohoo a99! Great choice!

  22. alexlee8888888888

    I agree.. I’m all for artistic license but some of these shots seem really
    insignificant to the category of the “Tour”

  23. CrazyCyclingVlogger

    Take a picture. It’ll last longer.

  24. Great video – great to get an insight into this different perspective on
    sports photography (my preferred perspective). Nice work Camille!